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By Pradip Patil . June 15, 2021 . Blogs

To succeed in any field, one requires agility of mind and body, which is also required in the corporate world. As sports and fitness assume greater importance in people’s lives, we can look to draw upon the values and behaviors learned on the sports field like single-minded focus, multi-dexterity, perfection, teamwork, calm demeanor, discipline and fair-play, and apply it to other areas of our lives, such as the workplace.

Sports is a powerful medium that can bring corporate employees together as a tight knit team. It also imparts the essential skills of teamwork, team spirit, leadership, time management, decision making, cooperation and good behavior.

Verinite and Games

Games and Sports have been an integral part of Verinite events. It helps to boost productivity and concentration level of employees. We play a lot of indoor as well as outdoor games including Football, Cricket, Chess, indoor team building activities etc. But when it comes to cricket, our cricket frenzy employees can’t wait to display their motor skills. And what better than a cricket tournament to make everyone feel upbeat and get the lost enthusiasm back at work?

Last month we organized most awaited Cricket tournament “Verinite Premier League”. This was second time the Cricket tournament was taking place.

Season 1:

Just to summarize the first season it was played between four teams Credit Crunchers, Wallet Warriors, Fearless Falcons and Revolvers. Format was simple for the first season that was Round Robin. Each team have to play three league stage matches and according the point tables first two teams will qualify for the Finals. As the league stage matches are over two teams which qualified for the finals were Wallet Warriors and Credit Crunchers. Credit crunchers lead by Ashish just lost their one match in the league stage apart from it they were consistent with their performance. Coming to Wallet Warriors lead by Ajay, the only team which was unbeaten throughout the tournament and were relentless with their performance.

Now the time for most awaited final match played between Credit Crunchers and Wallet Warriors. All the players were so excited to play the final match and to win the VPL season 1 Trophy. Unlike all the group stage matches this really was a nail biter. It was a neck to neck fight between both teams as they knew strengths and weaknesses of the opponent team. The result of the final came in such a way that every cricket fan want a final match to be” A last ball thriller”. With very less margin Winning team of VPL Season was Wallet Warriors!!!

Highlights of the first season were team coordination of Wallet Warriors and the never give up attitude shown by the runner up team Credit Crunchers they were up to the mark till the last ball. There were so many individual performers throughout the tournament but the enthusiasm shown by Surbhi was on another level. She has scored runs, took wickets, and affected a couple of runouts with her great presence of mind in the crunch situations.

Season 2:

In the second season we have made some changes in teams, format of the game etc. by analyzing the previous experience. Players have been distributed according to their skillset in each team maintaining the perfect balance between teams. This time one of the main changes was format of the game, the oldest form of the cricket that is Test Format. Wherein each team will get to play two innings per match. To add some flavour to this we have arranged this tournament day night.

Unlike the first season three teams were fighting for the Trophy this time which were Credit Champions, Wallet Warriors and Payment Phantoms Lead by Ashish, Ajay and Pradip respectively. All teams were excited to win the tournament and to hold the winning trophy.

The First match played between Payment Phantoms and Wallet Warriors was won Phantoms with a fair margin getting one step closer to the Final. Second match was between Credit Champions and Wallet Warriors. This was a must win game for Warriors B’coz they have lost their first match. Unfortunately their effort were not up to the mark and they lost the match to Champions. As points table stands Phantoms and Champions are qualified for the final match.

Now the time was for final match of the 2nd Season of VPL.

The final match was played under the lights. It was a perfect setup for the final clash. There was a neck to neck fight between Phantoms and Champions. Phantoms won the toss and decided to field first as they know they are good at chasing totals. Champions were playing sensible cricket as they know wickets in hand is the key for the big 1st inning total. But phantoms had different plans as they were playing with their strength which was their bowling. They restricted champions on the total on 27 runs in 1st inning. Now Phantoms came to bat with the mindset to cross the 1st inning total of champions by just rotating the strike. Once they passed the 27 run mark they started to target the bowlers to get a big lead. After the 1st inning of Phantoms scored 53 runs with the lead of 26 runs which were handy as per the playing conditions. It was the time for champions to get back on the track with their fierce batting lineup. They started targeting the bowlers and fielders taking perfect advantage of power-play and scored 44 runs in their quota of 10 overs. It was time for the final inning of the match where Phantoms required just 18 runs to with the title. By just rotating the strike and playing risk free shots they managed to chase the total with 3 wickets in hand. Winning team of the VPL season 2 is Payment Phantoms.


  1. Strengths:In sports, there is no misconception that every individual is going to be great at all positions. That’s why we assign roles, placing team members where they can be most effective. In cricket we place fielders having quick reactions and agility at important positions to restrict the opposite team. Every team creates their batting lineup according to the strength of batsmen analyzing on which position they’ll be more effective.
  2. Concentration/Focus:We are living in a fast-paced world where we can get distracted easily by a lot of things every day. We can try everything but if we lack focus in our life, it is pretty impossible to get what we want.  As far as Cricket is concerned sledging is one of the main weapon your opponent can use to distract you that is the time your focus comes into play and where the result of the game will be determined.
  3. Teamwork:The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars, but if they don’t play together, the team won’t be worth a dime. Payment Phantoms are the winners of VPL Season 2 because of their teamwork unlike other teams who had star players in their teams but they felt short in the teamwork.
  4. Developing relationships in the workplace :Building trust is essential to developing team confidence and working with others effectively. By knowing and trusting your teammates, you increase opportunities for collaboration and gain confidence knowing that the team supports you even in risky situations. Building that trust requires honesty and integrity, caring, competence, and consistency in doing what you say you will do.
Pradip Patil

A professional salesperson working at Verinite as Client partner having 2 years of experience in sales. He is a Sportsman, Cricket Enthusiast, Loves Swimming, Snooker. Big Fan of AB De villiers, Bear Grylls, Mumbai Indians.

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