Rewards & Benefits

We offer benefits in order to encourage a culture of happiness, flexibility, learning and career development

Benefits at Verinite


Rewards, Recognition and Celebration :

  • We at Verinite, believe in rewards and Celebration. We celebrate the Verinite Pride Awards every year.
  • There are awards for best performers, best trainers, best mentors . These awards are Quarterly awards as well as Annual Awards.
  • We also Celebrate the Important events in our associate’s lives like their Marriage, First Child and A new Home!! There are gifts from the Company for these personal milestones.
  • We recognise and reward the associates who are with the company for 3 years, 5 years, 7 years and so on. Their loyalty and dedication is rewarded by the way of Gifts and trophies.



Financial Security and Financial Aid :

  • ESOP’s across all levels based on performance and loyalty
  • Mediclaim Insurance covering Spouse and Children.
  • Life Term Insurance 5X CTC and Accidental insurance for each associate.
  • Loan scheme @ 0% interest rate



Training and Development Initiatives :

  • Self Training sponsorships
  • In house training programs with Certifications.
  • On The job Training
  • Trainings conducted for the Mind

Personal benefits :

  • At Verinite we Celebrate Everything . The Life milestones of our associates are equally important as their professional milestones. We make it a point that they are felicitated in a way that memories are created to cherish.
  • Our Associates are supported in every way when they are going through any family/ individual difficulties. Verinite has a provision for a sabbatical and personal time off.



Benefits for Women :

  • The PoSH committee is formed to address any concerns regarding female associates’ insecurity.
  • Maternity cover under Insurance and 6 months Maternity Leave with extension facility.
  • Maternity leave for miscarriage and also Adoption.

Additional benefits :

  • Gratuity eligibility criteria capped at 4 years.
  • Savings Options for additional PF contribution.
  • Joy Fund for Team Outings
  • Client site exposure (India and overseas)

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