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Expertise on Industry Standard Cards & Lending Systems

Our application level expertise helps to provide optimum and all encompassing solution for businesses

About Application Expertise

Verinite has always taken pride in being an “Inch Wide & Mile Deep” company. Our focused expertise in cards, payments and lending domain when combined with deep application level expertise on industry standard platforms helps to deliver differentiated service levels, experience and expertise to solve our clients pain areas. Today’s businesses in financial services are looking for technology services partners that are specialists in their space and Verinite is the “specialist” answer for any needs in this domain.

Verinite has built application level expertise on 11 different Switching or CMS systems that covers – VisionPLUS, Prime, SmartVista, Way4, PowerCARD, Euronet, Cadencie, FIS Cortex, TS2 etc and lending systems from Infosys, Nucleus, Indus Software, Intellect etc.

How does Verinite help

Verinite provides a gamut of services across the various applications mentioned above. It brings in a unique genre of people with in-depth cross platform knowledge who can speak both domain and technology. This knowledge helps the team to not only provide a comprehensive solution, but also in optimizing and fast tracking the customer requirements. Verinite’s productized service offering across these applications differentiates it from its competitors and helps in increasing the confidence level of its customers. The cross-platform knowledge has also positioned Verinite as the first preference of clients for any application migration projects.

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