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The Team That Grows Together Stays Together

Organisations thrive only when they grow, and to grow, one has to embrace change and evolve. Learning is one of the best ways to achieve this change confidently. To set off on this path of learning, the employees of the organisation have to be exposed to the concept of growing through learning and by introducing […]

Is Embedded Finance the Future?

While the process of digital transformation began much before, the COVID pandemic has played its part in encouraging contactless payments all across the world. The future of financial services is now being dominated by emerging trends like the “Buy Now – Pay Later” model and wearable payments. One interesting observation that is worth noting is […]

Why Integrated DevOps is Critical for Payment...

As more companies opt for the remote working modes, it is challenging for them to manage their operations in an environment that was not designed for a distributed workforce. According to the Microsoft and BCG research study, only 30% of remote-working managers find their companies innovating in areas like product development and customer experience. At […]

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Frauds – Risks &...

As a popular trend, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) continues to delight both online (and offline) shoppers across the globe. It comes as no surprise that global BNPL services continue to grow at a healthy rate of 39% and are attracting attention from major players like Amazon, PayPal, and Square. Not to be left behind, […]

Know All About e-RUPI – The New Digital Payme...

The future of payments lies in going digital. One day, hard cash is going to be a lingering memory from the past. Thanks to initiatives such as e-RUPI, digital currency is developing at rates faster than the speed of light. But what is e-RUPI? Is it different from other forms of virtual currency? How will […]

Which Is the Right Approach for Payments – Mo...

The terms modernization and digital transformation are often used interchangeably. After all, both involve the transformation of legacy systems. However, there’s a difference between both the terms. And payment providers need to know it because what they choose would define their future business strategies. So, let’s first understand the difference between both of them. Digital […]

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