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Top GenAI Use Cases in Financial Services

Long lines and frustrating paperwork at the bank are things of the past. Technology has empowered financial services companies to offer convenience and personalization without compromising on the human element. Generative AI, the new technology on the block, is more than a trendy term. It is unlocking a new era, an era that promises enhanced […]

Don’t Miss These 5 Software Testing Trends in...

In today’s fast-paced digital world, software application development is happening at breakneck speed, pushing the need for software quality. Software testing is essential to guarantee the quality, usefulness, and safety of the applications being developed. Growing with the business needs, the software testing market size is expected to grow to a massive USD 90 billion […]

Card Payment Tokenization – What It Is and Ho...

Over the last decade, India has catapulted into a leadership position globally for its efforts to embrace digital payments across the nation. While UPI brought digital payments to the masses, the country’s rising middle class was also showing increased patronage of physical payment instruments like credit cards. Banks, Fintech companies, and even retail brands were […]

Is Virtual Credit Cards the Future of Credit ...

Digital payments have been on the rise in India since 2017. All such statistics indicate that the future of credit card payments and overall digital payments is on the rise. Technology has taken the digital payment setup one step ahead, and now the digital age is noticing something called virtual credit cards. The global virtual […]

How Banks Are Using AI to Tackle Traditional ...

In the last couple of decades, the banking sector has embarked upon a fundamental change in its approach to delivering services. They have transitioned from a model that puts their operational rigidity as the main focus area into one where the customer’s financial well-being is the priority. The explosive growth of self-service options across web […]

Why Automation and Digitalization of Lending ...

Just like other industries, the wave of automation and digitalization is transforming the financial lending business also. The global pandemic only succeeded in accelerating this wave. The need for remote working and social distancing in the financial sector increased the shift towards automation and digitalization. The global lending industry faces a host of challenges like […]

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