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Role of AI in Revolutionizing the Payment Ind...

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, data has become an invaluable and essential asset. But making sense of this growing volume of data hasn’t been easy for banks and financial institutions. That’s where Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a huge role in boosting payment accuracy and efficiency. Read on as we unravel the role of AI in […]

How Does BaaS Solve the Lending Problem?

With the advent of digital banking, there is an increasing trend of non-financial companies offering a host of financial services, including online payments and lending. As expressed by leading venture capitalists, facilities like embedded finance are “making every company into a fintech company.” Today, in the lending domain, banks and financial institutions are looking at innovative ways […]

Is Behavioral Biometrics the Next Big Weapon ...

Between April and September 2022, banking entities in India reported 2,331 fraud cases involving INR 87 crore. This marked an increase from the previous six-month period, during which 1,532 frauds involving Rs 60 crore were reported by these entities. No doubt, the banking landscape is rife with frauds perpetrated by criminals, who use social engineering and other […]

Future of Credit Card Rewards

Constant innovations and emerging trends in the payment space have brought about several accelerating winds of change in the credit card industry. Stringent regulatory guidelines, progressive industry initiatives, and evolving customer expectations have ushered in a new era of technology-driven, touchless transactions. As alternate payment methods emerge (and evolve), the card industry is struggling to stay afloat. […]

Trends To Watch Out For In Merchant Acquiring

Research shows that the global merchant-acquiring market volume will reach $41.75 trillion by 2026. There are various factors contributing to its growth. With the merchant-acquiring market growing steadily, let’s look at the trends that will likely dominate the headlines in 2023. Trends To Watch Out For In Merchant Acquiring How To Leverage the Trends to […]

Is Credit Card on UPI a Game Changer?

UPI payments have been a major hit in India ever since their launch in 2016. When even the tiniest of transactions are being carried out through UPI, it isn’t surprising that in just January 2023, Indians transacted Rs. 1299058.78 crores through it.  In June 2022, 26 crore unique users were reported to be using UPI. In contrast, in FY21, […]

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