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Which Is the Right Approach for Payments – Mo...

The terms modernization and digital transformation are often used interchangeably. After all, both involve the transformation of legacy systems. However, there’s a difference between both the terms. And payment providers need to know it because what they choose would define their future business strategies. So, let’s first understand the difference between both of them. Digital […]

What is the Future of Invisible Payments?

If we are to evaluate the major challenges for B2C or B2B companies and their customers in most domains, payments would often be at the top of the list. As the world became more mature and connected, trade and business practices too evolved without borders. The underlying monetary frameworks have matured considerably to accommodate new-age […]

Do “Buy Now, Pay Later” Programs Threaten Ban...

The 2020 pandemic not only impacted the way shoppers went about buying products but also made retailers think about alternative ways of offering their products or services. As the virus became more rampant, cashless forms of payments (aka digital payments) became the preferred mode. Among the many impacts of the pandemic, the “Buy Now, Pay […]

Guide to Card Management System implementatio...

Market Trends Asia Card Payments Card payments are one of the dominant modes of non-cash payments globally, forecasted to account for more than half of the global point of sale transactions over the next five years, as per industry reports. Even in digital wallet dominated markets such as the APAC, cards are forecasted to account […]

CMS Implementations for banks in Asia
Is Teen Banking the New Way to Extending Bank...

Digital banking is a norm today and banks that don’t pay attention are destined to bow down before competitors who took the leap. While getting into the digital banking bandwagon is an essential element, it is no longer the only cool stuff that a bank needs to have. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed reforms […]

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