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By . June 27, 2021 . News

Verinite introduces “1GOAL™” – a new age engagement model driving accountability and result-based relationship with clients

Verinite is pleased to announce its new age engagement model “1GOAL™”, wherein client will pay for the results and not for the effort, time or manpower deployed for achieving those results. This model provides client an appealing option as Verinite becomes stakeholder in the engagement and hence accountable for the results.


The “1GOAL™” model is based on the principles of ownership, accountability and collaboration. Traditional engagement models like effort-based Time & Material or output-based fixed-fee do not satisfactorily meet the current client needs for vendor control and budget management. The “1GOAL™” model ties success with clear and measurable outcomes, thus allowing client and Verinite to focus on same goals (one goal) as true partners.

Through “1GOAL™”, Verinite is looking at forging a value-based and productive long term relationship with its clients. It is right time for new age of result-based solutions and accountability.


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