Verinite Hackathon 2021- An Event full of Innovation & Learning

By Ajay Wadbudhe . August 22, 2021 . Blogs

We recently concluded our Verinite Hackathon 2021. The theme for this one was Cards, Payments, and Lending. The Hackathon saw participation from six teams where they solved some extremely complex challenges and presented amazing innovations. The winners were selected after a detailed round of presentations to the judges. Congratulations to the winners and the participants. It was a wonderful learning experience for all of us at Verinite. Here is what the winners, participants, and attendees have to say about the Hackathon.

Chandrashekhar , Tech Dudes :

Most proud moment: Success in a very first Hackathon. ‘Tech Dudes’ : a team full of enthusiasts, doers and some inerts too. But it was a difficult journey. Building a team with people with different perspectives and mindsets was really challenging. But we had some doers who worked really hard and made it happen. They not only implemented their idea but received a price too.

The idea of Hackathon was announced, our team was formed and people came with few ideas… 2 of them were finalized. Each member was given their own responsibility. Every member proactively performed his own responsibility, balancing their own project work and both ideas came into existence.  There is still a chance of improvement in our ideas, and we are working on it. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely Thank every team member for their support and help to make this happen.You deserve it.Thank you Tech dudes.

Sneha, Tech Dudes :

Dear Team, Thanks a lot for arranging such a happening event. Participating in hackathon was really great, it provided me the opportunity to think about the out of the box idea and helped me to connect with colleagues who are experts in their respective areas. From this event I got to know about new treads in the card and payments domain, what are the new challenges and appropriate solutions for those challenges.

Raju, Desk Demons :

Hackathon 2021 was a very special experience for everyone in our team. There was a little crack in the confidence initially because everyone was occupied with their own work and scheduling a meeting with all the team members was a big challenge. Then the team agreed on working after office hours so that there will be no disturbances in the discussions. The problem statement initially sent for approval was rejected as it does not comply with one of the rules. With very little time left, the team had to spend more hours brainstorming the idea.

As a result, the team narrowed it down to two ideas. Finalizing one among them was a difficult choice. Once the idea was finalized, acting on the problem statement, gathering all the details and specifications was much more difficult than expected which also consumed more hours in a day. With the support, constant inputs and suggestions from the team members, the idea was developed and presented in the forum.

Every Desk Demons Team member contributed and deserved every single moment of success. We are very much honored to be the Runner ups of First-ever Verinite Hackathon.

Savita Wadhwani, Goblet of Fire:

First of all, thank you for giving us this opportunity to think beyond our routine life. And especially thank you for continuously motivating us throughout this journey.

Our team “Team Goblet Of Fire” was really a diversified team that had the involvement of diversified experienced professionals.
We had a great mix in our team from technical and domain perspectives, which helped us visualize and translate the idea into a working prototype.

The idea of Innovation- In the real world everyone is busy in their daily work. And we have lots of bills that need to be paid on time. The problem is that we need to remember and, pay those bills on time and if we don’t pay the bills on time one can attract an unwanted penalty!!! So we came up with this idea- why remember to pay bills. We are here to do it for you, set it once and leave the rest of the tedious tasks to us!

So with this as a problem statement –
did we get into the details of how to overcome it?
What problems can be barriers while developing this?
What will be the limitations?
What can we do for a better human experience?
How can it be customer-friendly?
How can we attract customers for Auto Pay?

So we thought about this and came up with our solution (OSSUP), which was well appreciated as a concept! Overall, Hackathon was a great experience, it really taught us that together any idea can be shaped into reality. During the hackathon, each one of us was running on a very tight schedule, we all gave more than 100% to give shape to our idea. In this journey, we learned that we are not just capable of giving 100%, we are actually capable of giving more than 100% when the time comes.

Yudhishthir, Open Source Pandits: First of all, it was the first-ever Hackathon where I personally participated, so it was a great experience. Regarding my team members, they are simply enthusiastic, talented and full of knowledge. They supported each team member and appreciated everyone’s work. The idea which we had was the best innovative idea, it requires more research and domain knowledge, as we already having expertise in teams like Yogesh, Rajendra and Rohit. Each team member was taking lots of effort to achieve this. They were also managing their work and provided support in the event. Finally, it was a really amazing experience.
Thanks to the Open Source Pandit and Hackathon team.

Aman, Connect Tech:

Hackathon 2021 was a very good experience for me and quite exciting. Our team formation took a bit of a time but we were ready with our team consisting of 4 members. Our team had very innovative ideas discussed at our first and second meeting but due to time constraints, we choose to present an idea that was quite unique. All the members gave their support and went on with little by little progress in every meeting.

Our team Connect Tech had much fun just participating, enjoyed every bit, and looking forward to next Hackathon

Mustak Tamboli :

The Hackathon was amazing! I’m glad I was a part of a full of learning event. I had so much fun learning new things. All in all, it was a wonderful experience, I got to interact with innovative minds. Saw new ideas in the payment and cards industry. Some out of box ideas. And had great fun with the entertaining games. Thank You all for organizing this wonderful event. Hope such events come more often.

Siddharth Kemkar :

Hackathon was a great event, we gained new concepts and problem-solving ideas that are currently present in real life. We also enjoyed the event that was totally driven by you Pranav and suggestions from juries. Thanks to all the participants’ teams and audience and helping hands. Hope for more similar events in the future.

Shruti Warke :

What A Day !! Verinite’s First-Ever Hackathon ! It was a wonderful experience to witness the enthusiasm and creativity of all the participants. They all were very well prepared. Great effort put in thought, demos, presentation, and of course the practical solution to the problem statement. The organizers did a fabulous job of creating a buzz, conducting the event, and engaging the audience and the participants. This is just the beginning. I am eager to witness more such events in Verinite, which truly showcase the spirit of Verinite. Congratulations to the Winners, all the Participants, and the Organisers.

Magesh Ramanathan:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein. As this is the very first hackathon by Verinite, I was curious like others from the event date announced. With the limited timeframe, each participant demonstrated their ideation fabulously. The in-depth understanding of current challenges in the banking industry and the unique solution provided by each team was great.

Kudos to the organizing team, personally, I have seen hackathons in various organizations and the way it was carried out from the beginning till the end is really appreciable.

Pranav Kende:

Initially, when we decided to conduct a Hackathon at Verinite, I had to ensure that the foundation laid for this event is rock solid. Since, this was going to be the first event of its kind that too conducted virtually, on the foundation of this event, similar events would be established in the future. Keeping in mind this gravity for the Hackathon, I had to make sure I leave no stone unturned in its Promotion, Planning and Execution.

Throughout the planning phase, I received key guidance and inputs from Ajay Wadhbhude. His shadow walked alongside me throughout the phase. He not only gave me the liberty to do things my way but also promptly intervened whenever I faced larger challenges. Similarly, I was lucky to have the help of Mayuri Yadav and Ashwini Ghoderao whenever required.

Moving to the event day, I received ample inputs and suggestions from Ashish Sherlekar because of which, the event day proceedings glided buttery smooth. I was delighted to see that the participating teams made the best of the platform provided and they put on some spectacular demos. I was also happy to see the enthusiasm of the audience throughout the Event Day.

Thanks to @ Verinite for this Opportunity!

Ajay Wadbudhe

Ajay is a Project Manager in Verinite. Associated with BFSI domain from the start of the career. Believes in "Do what you like". Big cricket fan and loves cooking.

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