The Team That Grows Together Stays Together

By Shruti Warke . December 03, 2021 . Blogs

Organisations thrive only when they grow, and to grow, one has to embrace change and evolve. Learning is one of the best ways to achieve this change confidently.

To set off on this path of learning, the employees of the organisation have to be exposed to the concept of growing through learning and by introducing various opportunities to adopt learning Every member of the organisation, irrespective of role, level, or project, have to be on a learning journey to enhance their skills, knowledge, and ability to bring about long-term organisational change and success. There is value in saying that the team that grows together stays together!

A high-growth organisation like ours, Verinite, has adopted this path to success since inception and installed a culture of learning through opportunities for exposure to the same – from within and externally.

What does growth really mean to a professional?

Growth for a professional means getting exposed to opportunities that explore their talents, make them realise their core potential, and thus fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. Growth at the workplace also means constant engagement through applied learning which keeps them interested and excited to go back to the workplace each day. Worldwide, HR leaders are working with innovative methods, towards fulfilling these needs for their associates.

What does growth mean to an employer?

Traditionally, growth for an employer upfront meant an increase in profits, diversifying markets, brand value, and growing manpower.

However, today, the meaning of growth for any employer is a thriving evolving workplace with involved participative associates, a culture filled with enthusiasm, productivity, and the privilege of loyalty from long term associates. Today’s employers identify growth with the market reputation as a brand that is known for nurturing the team’s talent and diversity, enabling best retention and productivity. Verinite is one such organisation where growth is defined as individual growth of associate talents and knowledge contributing to the organisational goals.

At Verinite we have consistently practised a culture of development through learning, for associates at every level of the organisation starting from a fresh talent coming on board. In our fast-growing organisation, we have recognised the need for everyone to be exposed to upskilling and building their knowledge repository. Our major focus is on associate Training and Development in the projections for the next three years. For this, we are employing a multi-pronged approach.

Self-training sponsorships:

We have empowered our associates to actively take up certification programmes and upskill through reputed external institutes to acquire the necessary skills for their work profiles. This addresses the competency gap, targeting individual growth and development. The added advantage is that key skills and domain knowledge learned can be shared with the teams and become a group learning journey.

Certifications through In-house training

Verinite acknowledges the needs of project teams and individuals for key skills to increase efficiency. We collaborate with subject matter experts in the domain and technology industry and institutions to conduct in-house group learning. Group learning can create high-performance individuals and teams as the power of collective wisdom can be utilised to further the learning trajectory. Everyone is learning, sharing, and thinking critically. Projects or groups which go through the in-house training process can solve specific issues concerning the work by mapping out solutions using learnings from the training. The company acquires a competitive edge when the associates use brainstorming and evaluation methods to avoid problems and arrive at better solutions.

On-the-job training

Hands-on training and learning on the job are the quickest and most successful ways to impart knowledge and skills within teams. At Verinite, team leaders and managers are technologists and domain experts who mentor their subordinates with critical advice to approach issues and implement solutions. Consistent interactions and hand-holding translate to valuable on-the-job training, which the associates benefit from. Team members also learn from peers, everyone shares, learns, arriving at solutions by learning from their mistakes. For a new joiner, it is also a bonding experience to get trained with these multiple knowledge-sharing interactions.

Training programs for the mind

For effective businesses of the future, everyone has to be involved in various creative growth experiences through learning, which brings about organisational change. At Verinite, we enable relationships building and support positive behavioural changes for betterment. By learning leadership skills, team building, and innovation, associates start on an enhanced growth mindset. Training programs are conducted for the well-being and enhancement of the mind and building emotional intelligence, soft skills, and complex reasoning.

The new age workforce is evolving in their expectations and developmental needs. Digital access has made awareness of opportunities and paths of career growth to all. Verinite understands that organisations with ongoing learning systems will retain the best associates who remain productive and engaged. Our market penetration and successful business outcomes are the product of the timely introduction of the continuous development culture. We have a long-term focus on creating a workforce that is future-ready and agile.

Join us at Verinite to experience our corporate leadership commitment to associate development. Your career and knowledge base will make a transformational change of growth through collaborative learning interactions and intense technology and domain training.

Achieve all your growth expectations and build a thriving career at Verinite!

Shruti Warke

Shruti is working as an HR&Operations Manager at Verinite Technologies. She has 7 years of enriched experience in the field of HR Management.She is passionate about her job and likes to learn new things. She loves to travel and is also an Amateur actor.

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