Project management

Process, Discipline & Leadership to achieve successful projects.

We ensure on-time, within-budget and high-quality implementations.

Project Management

Every year, banks undertake three to four key initiatives that are critical to their operations and profitability. They need to execute these projects quickly and efficiently across the organization, on a turnkey basis. The implementations require robust workplan and clinical execution skills that complete every single project within the stipulated timeline.

It is in this scenario that project management becomes a valued capability, needed to drive the expected outcome and results. Project management requires the coordinated planning, management, and execution of multiple related tasks, all focused towards the same organizational and strategic objectives. Viewed as strategy execution leaders, program managers are viewed as someone who can prioritize, optimize resource capacity, and manage interdependencies.

At Verinite, we do program/project management for cards launch, cards migration/upgrade, switching system migrations, lending system implementations and migrations, and similar other turn-key initiatives. We have conducted end-to-end management of programs within cards & lending, domains, attaining all pre-determined goals.

We are adept at managing delivery volatility (managing risks, issues, and dependencies) resulting in predictable outcomes. Banking projects tend to be highly dynamic and require the project manager to structure delivery in line with the changing environment. We recognize the volatilities, internal as well as external, which allows us to respond to it more effectively and successfully.

Expertise provides our team with a realistic view of your organizational and strategic goals, and empowers us to make real-time decisions to make implementation with impeccable efficiency. We bring in a truly strategic perspective that enables us to plan, manage, and complete the project within budget, on schedule, and with high quality implementation.

Typical challenges

Pulling your way through project management, you meet several challenges:

Lack of 360-degree view of project across business units

Business data is siloed, which means you are unable to find all the data you need at one place. Lacking 360-degree view of the data, the project manager is unable to make a proper, logical decision.

No governance to align priorities and rank initiatives and projects

The ‘Holy Grail’ for project management is to closely coordinate business priorities, rank initiatives, and projects. The project manager needs to define the strategic direction and make a road map to get there.

Not having the right people involved upfront to create good plans and solutions

To create efficient plans, you need sharp and strategic minds. Failure to involve the right people upfront in the project often becomes the reason of a failure later.

PMOs are often bureaucratic and slow things down

When left unattended, PMO processes get clogged up with bureaucratic indecisions. There are people who fire off lots of missives for unnecessary information and schedule a lot of meeting, which make every decision agonizingly slow.

Projects not aligning with rapidly changing business skills and strategies

Business environment is vibrant, so it is imperative for you to keep tabs on the changing environment, particularly any change in the skills and strategies required. You don’t want to be left behind by your competitors.


Industry Specialization

Enabling banks and business enterprises draw optimum advantage of the new technologies in card payment, we hold expertise in Cards Launch, Cards Migration, Cards Upgrade, and LOS/LMS Migration. In an era of technology-driven, boundary-less transactions, we come across as a partner with deep domain experience, ownership mentality, and a nimble mindset. We come prepared with a plan and right set of resources which match your requirements.



Complex banking projects require integrated project delivery approach that combines technology, people, business structures and practices for deliverance that optimally harnesses all available resources.  We chart out a better way to deliver projects that transform the status quo of fragmented processes into value-based, collaborative process, culminating in high-performance results. Our approach to solution delivery comprises project management, business analysis, architecture and design analysis, and collaboration with right people for diverse processes.

Our service offering:

Drawing from our expertise and domain knowledge, we offer program as well as project management. Let us elaborate:


Program management

In aircraft analogy, programs are like squadrons, while project managers can be compared to squadron leaders. Program management involves overseeing and coordination of several projects and taking strategic initiatives across the enterprise.

Our program managers work in close collaboration with you, helping to drive organization change and implement DevOps practices and principles. Across the teams, the project manager may align processes with agile values like team economy, collaboration, adapting to change, and delivering to customers. Our expert managers are adept to tailoring programs to the specific requirements of the organization. Program managers are capable of contributing to multiple goals and oversee several projects that deliver specific components of these objectives.


Project management

Projects are like aircrafts operated by pilots aka project managers. Their job is work with their team to achieve goals and come up with a complete product. Project refer to a single, focused piece of work with a specific scope and defined output.

Our project managers are well-versed in determining how to meet the goals laid out at the beginning of a banking project in domains such as cards launch, cards migration, cards upgrade, and LOS/LMS migration. Once the project begins, the project manager allocates resources, communicates to team members, manages risks, tracks progress, and does other relevant jobs. The focus is on achieving the pre-determined goals.

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