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Application Integration

Enterprise architecture today is all about boundary-less information flow riding on emerging technologies. Across industry segments, technological innovations have come across as the dominant power. Technologies have expanded across the premises of the enterprises, now encompassing stakeholders, clients, ecologies, and a lot more that comes in between. Thanks to technology, business is no more a conventional monolithic framework; rather, it is a much more flexible formation, surfing the waves of technological permutations.

Change is the only constant in the business environment. Requirements change with time but legacy systems most enterprises run fail to catch up. Using outdated and underperforming software for executing your plan and managing your business is like running Windows Vista on an 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-1145G7 processor. Current systems of a business not supporting its new requirements is analogous to the business hitting a self-goal.

Business world is overly rich with data, provided the enterprises knows to integrate data from disparate systems. The capacity to combine and analyze different data sets provides you a more holistic picture. Multiple data sources enable the business unravel hidden trends, get rich insights which had been simply inexplicable, and expand their views to an unprecedented level. For instance, the business might be able to analyze the correlation of buying trends with some demographic upheavals, something which was not possible earlier. Advanced software can help integrate data from different sources, creating actionable insights from raw, siloed data.

Typical Challenges

The success of a financial institution depends on various application being connected, but this is not devoid of challenges:

Changing IT landscape

Technologies can be expected to continue evolving at a drastic pace. Building and maintaining a robust IT environment – installing hardware & software, maintaining security, changing infrastructure, conducting testing, and responding to quickly changing business – is challenging though.

Productivity challenges

In conventional IT environment, operations are spread across disparate systems. This results in issues like lack of real-time visibility, slow response times, data-entry errors, difficulty in running reports, unnecessary added costs, cumbersome staff training, and so on.

Data spread across multiple departments

In the age of incessant, voluminous data streams, the importance of data synchronization cannot be understated. Data spread across multiple departments, however, results in challenges such as failure to maintain regulatory standards, data breaches, poor data quality, inefficient management, etc.

Increasing cost

A business can derive value from data only when it transforms and aggregates it from disparate sources. Inefficient data integration though often results in a major source of hidden costs, taking the form of unnecessary IT infrastructure and wasted staff time.


Merger and optimization of data workflow between different applications with clinical efficiency is something we are adept at.

Strong expertise in banking & fintech eco-system

Well-versed with banking and fintech eco-system, we make your services more relevant, which is crucial to ensuring the organization’s profitability in the future. We help create an integrated ecosystem which provides a better experience to all stakeholders.

Custom made integration solution

The perfect solution for one organization may not be fittest one for the other. For instance, a large enterprise might need an optimized solution, while a smaller one may be inclined towards leveraging data insights. Factoring in the organization’s specific requirements, our team of experts rolls out a customized solution.

Leveraging intelligent automation services

Intelligent automation is about creating self-reliant end-to-end business processes that can learn and adapt on their own. This requires amalgamating robotic process automation (RPA) with artificial intelligence (AI), optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), analytics, and process mining

Our Service Offerings

Speed, precision, and optimized costs are three major advantages of application integration. Our service offerings include

Integration Consulting

Application integration is about building automated information and process flows between diverse apps. We help financial institutions excel at an integration initiative of any kind, charting out a roadmap to a reliable solution customized to specific context and goals.

  1. System analysis

System analysis is the process of investing a system for the purpose of improvement. Our team studies the system as a whole or in parts to analyze how the stated objectives can be accomplished thoroughly with utmost efficiency.

  1. Cost benefit analysis

Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is undertaken to estimate the strengths and weaknesses of alternatives for determining cost-efficacy of options while preserving savings. Our team takes into account measurable financial metrics such as revenue earned or costs saved to take stock of costs associated with an action.

  1. Technology consulting

Enhance your IT infrastructure to next level with our transformatory strategy, that helps push up business value. We work with you to chalk out a strategy that unravels the right tech stack for the business challenges the organization has been facing.

  1. Solution design

As solution designer for financial institutions, our role is to design the core building blocks that club to make a technical solution. Focus is on producing a modular and flexible design that is harmonious with the business requirements of the organization.

Data integration

Data integration is about consolidating data from various sources, making it a prerequisite for processes such as analysis, reporting, and forecasting. Making the solution capable of handling different kinds of data at voluminous amounts, we help integrate data for powering a gamut of analytical use cases.

Application integration

So many disparate technologies come together to form enterprise ecosystems, creating unnecessary complexities and redundancies within the IT landscape. We come up with potent and cost-effective methodologies that gain traction in a heterogeneous enterprise IT landscape.

API integration

APIs make inter-application data flows smooth, secure, and reliable. We roll out features and functionality such as payment processing, user registration and authentication, attendance tracking, account status updates, and many more, making operations seamless and clinically efficient.

Service-oriented architecture

Rolling out service-oriented architecture, our experts define a way to make applications components reusable through service interfaces. We incorporate common communication standards into new applications in such a way that eliminates deep integration.

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