What Made You Happy in 2018 !

By Shruti Warke . June 14, 2021 . Blogs

The last year has been full of surprises. While contemplating about what made me happy last year, I was curious to know how the year was for my colleagues. I found some inspiring stories in the discussion with them.

Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Last year there were a lot of fresh graduates added to our team. 2018 marked the beginning of their careers and the path to being independent. Last year was very special for Sagar, as his family finally allowed him to work outside their family business. He was very keen to be a self made man and this gave him the opportunity. Vivek, Nutan, Mansi, Shraddha , Neha  and Nikhil  were thrilled to work on a project for the very first time in their life. It was a year of learning and dealing with new challenges. Being freshers , they had to study a lot about the company and the project they were working on. While expressing their views, I could notice a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in them.  Few of them had moved to the city for the first time, they had a adventurous year travelling and exploring new places across the city.

Shraddha was ecstatic while sharing her experience of receiving a medal by the hands of the Chief Minister of her state. All and all it was a year of new beginnings for these young faces.

Surbhi also had a fresh start with her career when she got a job after a long gap. She was away from work to give time to her family and her son. She had a fulfilling year looking at her son grow and perform better in school and a new beginning in her career.  I could feel how contended she was with her life experiences.

A Person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.  When my colleague Deepika was appreciated and encouraged by her mentor Ashish, she could outperform herself. She was confident to handle a client meet all by herself and be successful. That incident was the most memorable one for her in 2018. Just like that she always encourages her subordinates and they perform better.

Best Employee of the Year, Imran was elated when his name was announced for 2018 Verinite awards. He was working at an international location when the award ceremony was held at the headquarters in India.  He felt overwhelmed when Verinite technologies made special arrangements for him to fly to India so that he can receive his trophy in person. He was all smiles for the entire year!!

Sneha has completed 3 years in the organization, received 2 spot awards and a   star team award. This encouraged her to do better and she landed herself a project to lead. She also got an onsite opportunity , the first of her life to travel out of the country. These experiences have immensely contributed in the positive changes in her personality and confidence. She could see that when she was achieving so much in her profession, it had a great positive impact on her personal life. She indeed had a great 2018.

It is said that we don’t grow when the things are easy, we grow when we face challenges. Sai Sruthi had her hands full when she got to work on 5 different projects. Each with different types of skills needed. She struggled and successfully completed the projects and bagged a lead position.

Sankhdeep also faced a challenge when he had made a resolution at the start of the year, to control his temper. By the end of the year he realized it was a completely irrational resolution. Controlling his temper was not in his hands, he should rather focus on how he reacts on certain situations due to his anger. As a result he learned an important lesson that he needs to make sure his reactions do not hurt the feelings of people who matter the most to him and the unimportant people do not deserve a reaction at all.

Nelson Mandela Says it always seems impossible until it’s done… Abhishek always thought loosing 10 kgs was a distant dream until he made up his mind. With strict discipline he worked on his health and lost the burden. He is now 10 kgs lighter and happier!!

Hitesh is very optimistic for the upcoming 2019, the reason, 2018 being very eventful for him and his family. Due to his new job he had to change homes in 2 different cities and finally settle in Pune. He had to make sure that his son gets admission in a good school in the midyear and also settle his family in the new city. He again had to travel out of the country alone for a project. He had to manage offshore team as well. In spite of so many things happening simultaneously in different fronts of life, he managed and put things in right places. . He feels grateful to God for giving him strength to get through this stressful situation. With these experiences he is now is confident to face the new challenges of the coming year.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy … this is a saying we have been hearing since childhood. It is when we start to work, that we understand the true meaning of it. Prasanna also felt the need for a break and time to relax with his family. In the last year he went for a vacation with them to the beautiful and peaceful Bali, Malaysia and Singapore. This gave him some quality time with his loved ones and a chance to unwind from the busy schedule. Those were the best memories for him.  He feels all happy and reenergized to resume his routine.

This year has given different experiences to all my friends in different walks of life. But all of them are happy and satisfied with how the year went by. They are ready to face the New Year with zeal and zest hoping to fulfill their life dreams.

Shruti Warke

Shruti is working as an HR&Operations Manager at Verinite Technologies. She has 7 years of enriched experience in the field of HR Management.She is passionate about her job and likes to learn new things. She loves to travel and is also an Amateur actor.

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