Ways and Importance of Building an Inclusive and Diverse Workforce!

By Shruti Warke . June 14, 2021 . Blogs

You don’t get Harmony when everybody sings the same note.

The same analogy can be used for the culture of a company. A company is made up of different people from different regions, cultures, religions, age and backgrounds. When these diversities are mixed, a wonderful combination is made. Diversity is beautiful, it’s fun and its informative.

At Verinite, though being a small family, we have colleagues from all parts of India. These colleagues bring their own flavours, habits, history, customs and importantly FOOD. Verinite enjoys the best combination of this blend. This reflects very well in the company culture, the rules and regulations, the various company-wide events and celebrations.

We as a family make sure to celebrate all major festivals of our country. All Indians know the main festivals, customs and traditions of the 29 states. But when we at Verinite celebrate such festivals in office, we come to know the history, the reason of the tradition, the origin of the festivals. These are very interesting facts to understand about any region. During these celebrations, the colleagues from that region come up with innovative ideas to make the audience understand why and what is done on that particular occasion. These events broaden the outlook and mind of an individual and are very essential for personality development. We have also seen associates adapt to each other’s cultures. They learn each other’s languages.

One distinctive feature of one of the Potluck event was interchange of cultures. A person from north India trying to inculcate the tradition of south India. Preparing a dish and getting dressed in their attire. It was a delightful scene of unity in diversity and adaptability.

One very important aspect of Verinite’s culture is that no one feels like a stranger. Any new entrant is always welcomed with warmth. The main thread that binds the Verinitians together is of mutual respect. No one is ever judged on the way one looks, one’s habits or anything else that’s not alike. Everyone is accepted and respected for their uniqueness. This helps all the associates feel like one big family. This open and positive environment encourages work efficiency and team spirit.

Another way to look at diversity is also the ratio of Men and Women at Workplace. Its essential to have a ratio where in there are nearly equal number of Men and Women in office. Not only it helps women empowerment but it’s extremely important to have a women point of view in certain discussions related to resources or projects. Men and Women together make the best combination to find out any solution to any problem. Both are naturally different and have different instincts. They complement each other’s qualities and abilities. This Nature’s offering should be utilised at the workplace.

At Verinite, there are different committees and teams for projects or any events. Over the years we experienced that the things get done in a better way when men and women both are involved in the discussion. So we encourage a lot of women during recruitment. We have women at the leadership level who are indispensable in decision making. This diversity of gender is very interesting and inspiring.

During the annual events at Verinite, we experience another form of Diversity which exists in the company. And that’s of Talent. Each Verinitian is skilled in his own way. Few are champions in various forms of Sports, some in forms of Art like painting, dancing, singing, creative art, event management and others. During recruitment, the HR department always enquires about hobbies, extracurricular activities and achievements. These points are keys to understand what kind of capabilities and set of mind the candidate will bring to the table. These varied personalities make a wonderful union of talents which Verinite generously utilises during the fun activities of the year and all types of annual events. This get together of discrete abilities in itself is a learning and exciting experience for all.

The leaders help the team to work on new projects and new roles. Diversity of work is the USP of Verinite. For. Eg, If an associate is specialised in Quality assurance, he may be given an opportunity to work as a business analyst on the next assignment. We have associates who are looked up to as a role model due their vast and diverse experience of working in Verinite for many years. They are the most valued members of our Verinite Family. They are the pillars of Verinite’s success. They carry the same attitude forward and help their team develop in multiple capacities.

Speaking of work, our associates enjoy one more type of Diversity, changing work locations internationally. They require to travel and stay in another country for ongoing projects. It’s very common in Verinite that one resource needs to travel to 2 to 3 countries within a year for work. The experience of working at client locations has its own perks. On the weekends they explore the city they are currently located at. They make new friends of other nationalities. It’s exemplary to have visited countries other than our own. As an individual, one realises that the world is so big and beautiful. There is so much to see, to learn and do in life. Travel makes one modest, one sees what a tiny space one occupies in this vast world. It adds adventure to life. Travelling turns our associates into storytellers. Every time they are back in the HQ, they tell their travel and work stories and yes it’s a custom at Verinite to bring chocolates for the rest of the team. 🙂

All these diversities make up the very positive and unique culture of Verinite. A great culture which provides the context for people to deliver their best work.

Shruti Warke

Shruti is working as an HR&Operations Manager at Verinite Technologies. She has 7 years of enriched experience in the field of HR Management.She is passionate about her job and likes to learn new things. She loves to travel and is also an Amateur actor.

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