Verinite Labs Begins the Countdown to Launch its Digital Workforce!!!!

By . June 28, 2021 . News

New year brings joy and happiness so do we; Verinite Labs is happy to launch a new addition to its product line called Veribot™! Imagine it as an army of Robots doing the tasks on your computers efficiently and yet invisible to your eyes.

With this product Veribot™ you can name a task that can be automated on a computer and we will deploy a Verinite Robot i.e. Veribot™ to do it. Veribot™ diligently offers its services to a plethora of banking financial functions, processes & day to day activities. May it just be a laborious task of vast amounts of data entry or time triggered events without human intervention. You can think of Veribot™ as a Digital Workforce that features characteristics of code-free, operator friendly, increased efficiencies, detailed data capture, & improved Compliance.

Veribot™ is our solution to the growing needs of process automation, avoid manual errors, ginormous repetitive tasks to be carried out without a human intervention. Veribot™ product precisely works on these lines and the best of all it can be customized to customer needs and trained robots will do the work, simple! Verinite Labs has developed this product keeping in mind all of the above needs. So we are proud to say that its more than just a COTS solution. It has numerous usages and unlimited capabilities. Markets are more demanding and they are demanding more and more by not just automating one process but to be able to modify it if needed from time to time with minimum technical knowledge & IT support. Our product is business user friendly designed to provide these kind of solutions. Veribot™ allows organizations to manage process automation with greatest ease from a central server with multiple robots operating at several individual desktops.

You have a system or a process no matter small or large that requires automation our experts can help you provide a customized solution to best suit your needs. Providing ample opportunity to define and getting a flexible solution that is fit for purpose with ease of use. IT’s an enterprise solution that will increase efficiency & provide cost savings. As per studies carried out it showcases an approximate costs savings of 35-60 %. With the early time to recover costs this solution becomes profitable in no time. Seamless integration to other satellite systems and compatible with other products and AI solutions too.

So what are you waiting for? If you have computer processes that consumes efforts and cyclic in nature we can solve it for you. Freeing up your resources for a greater use. Let’s get ready to automate – Veribot™ is your solution !!

Readers Stay Tuned for the Q&A Session by our Head of Engineering for more details about the product!!!


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