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As part of employee engagement, interaction and team building activities, Verinite yet again came up with fantastic event which ended September month on high note and left all verinitians spell bounding with the level of innovativeness shared during entire event. Massive efforts invested by technology staff as well equally supported by HR/operations and sales/marketing teams were finally paid off as their toiling and execution made this a huge event –  on ground as well over the internet world.


From the beginning of fiscal, Verinite staff is divided in 4 equal teams – Equal in terms of veterans (the Verinite think tanks), geeks (nerd coders) and fresh bloods (fresh joinees) to have healthy competitions throughout the year!! Barring “Miracle workers” which were the organizing team, the rest 3 teams (“The Mavericks”, “The rising stars” and “New Paradigm”) were all gung-ho and well prepared for the competition.

The Challenge:

It was month of Engineering and innovations and hence the event was no more different. The event was Verinite Innovation Challenge (#VeriniteInnovationChallenge)!! Off lately, it is been observed that lot of candidates accept offers from organizations but never turn up and join them. They intimate and change their decision just before the joining date. This causes huge loss of time and effort for recruitment team. Keeping this in mind the #VeriniteInnovationChallenge was based on real problem faced by corporate industry. We were looking to innovate and present a full-proof concept/prototype/solution to deal with this problem which is grappling corporate industry today!


Judge Panel and Solutions to challenge:

All the participating teams toiled hard for a month to carve their concept in reality and impress judges to win the challenge Title. Judges were open to receive and hear any NON-Technical as well Technical approach to the solution. Eventually, on the D-day teams opened the Pandora of their innovativeness and presented across their ideas in front of core judging panel which included Ashish Katkar (Managing Director and Co-founder at Verinite, @ashishakatkar), Sankhadeep Chakraborty (Head of Engineering at Verinite, @TweetSankha), Debasis Mohanty (Head of Delivery at Verinite, @debnipun) and Aparna Jha (Manager – Human Resource and Operations at Verinite, @aparna151987). Each team was presenting their final solution through their team lead and to keep this competition alive and healthy, other competitors were allowed to ask queries in between. This tested each team`s patience as well preparedness as they have to answer all the valid queries to keep viewers and audience happy as well keep an eye on watch to not run out of time and share across entire data they prepared for a month. But all teams came up with flying colors – good and clean, which shows their commitment, adaptability and high level of professionalism!!


We were LIVE every moment:

On the other hand, Sales and marketing team were spot-on to capture this entire event and made it live over the social channels. They created the initial thrust required and piqued interest amongst Verinite followers on LinkedIn as well on Twitter to spread the word and involve more and more people for the event. On the #VeriniteInnovationChallenge day, it was all Twitter who made the difference between a normal and so called well executed Live Twitter event. With Verinite twitting all updates every single minute as and when they happen, followers were engaged as well participating in challenge while shooting myriad questions on-the-go!!

Although, Title went to the takers, we saw fantastic but healthy fight building among the judges who were supporting the best ideas on the floor!! It showed true sportsmanship as well as judges lived up to the job they were assigned for. The Panel eventually agreed for cohesiveness and hence the best and deserving team along idea went home with gold!!

Special thanks to Akansha (@akansha_bhati) for live tweeting and Ankita (@AnkitaMerukar) for capturing notes to build up this blog!!

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Sankhadeep Chakraborty

Sankhadeep heads the engineering arm in Verinite. He has been associated with the BFSI domain from the start of his career. He is a hardcore techie and innovation drives him. He believes in the saying "Nothing is impossible"

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