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By Sankhadeep Chakraborty . June 14, 2021 . Blogs

Every day is a different experience, though it may be a normal day at work. We spend a lot of time at our work place and that’s why we also call it at times “Our second home”. Some people are quick to respond, some need to be pushed and some respond after the deadline. In a day in our work life there are so many events that take place throughout the day that put a smile on our face. When I asked my colleagues in the company what was the reason for their smile at work last year, I got a lot of responses. Reading their reasons got a smile and my face as well. So, why not share it with you as well!!
According to me, the success of an organization depends on how happy the employees are at work be it a big or a small organization.

Kuldeep P, said “Received Certification of Appreciation from client”, “Travelled with family onsite and he also got more time to spend with his family”

Nitin S said, “I smile with great satisfaction when client manager or management are happy with my work”

Imran K said “We got an invite for Verinite’s Annual Party, which was a much needed break and trip to refresh ourselves after being at the client site for a long time.” He also mentioned he got to meet most of the colleagues offshore and that memory always brings a smile on his face. Imran’s reason for smile became even bigger after receiving the “Employee of the Quarter” award.

Neha S said, “Sociable and smiling coworkers, colleagues, bosses and HR. Thursday games that make everyone more bonded. It brings a smile on my face and relaxed brain cells leaving my stress behind. Short breaks with close friends. Sweets shared by my colleagues (especially chocolates), people try to grab more and more …..

Trupti G said, her biggest reason to smile was, completing 3 years in Verinite!! Leading a team, confirming 2 members. For the first time interviewing freshers. When she was at the client location, she single handedly completed the project and got appreciated by the client another big reason for her smile

Anirudha U said the main reason behind his smile was, “ the decision made by Verinite to send me at client side and now they have given me an opportunity to work at another client location”.

Prajakta G said that, “Completing two years in Verinite”, “Thursday games most of all fighting between teams that made me laugh out loud” and yes calling each other with funny names gets a big smile on my face.

Nidhila D, has been working at the client site since her day of joining, “When client treats us one among them, lunch treat, Saturday group lunch on all weekend supports, evening snack sharing, chitchats, Ferraro Chocolate Box as Diwali gift, New year lunch etc… Sitting in client location and missing all the fun, outings at Verinite Pune office…these small happy moments are to cherish and smile”.

Khushal C said the reason for his MILLION DOLLAR SMILE was, “On the very first day of Joining having dinner with Ashish Katkar MD of Verinite. When he got his first Leave approved. Thursday games, outings and celebrations!!

Debasis M, said there were many reasons for my smile :
1. I went to on a client visit and Client greeted me saying “Welcome Home“
2. A team member completely engrossed in work suddenly jumped from the seat and started celebrating, when a critical project task got completed successfully. The spontaneity of the act implied the team member’s attachment with the project / tasks.
3. One team member requested for leave for couple of days due to some personal work but the team member had some pending tasks in queue. The entire team requested me to approve that leave and promised that they would spend extra hours to complete those pending tasks. They actually did.

Deepika S, “the one and only big reason I smiled last year at work place is only because of my mentor. I feel happy to work closely with a person who unconditionally teaches me not professionally but personally too. I always strive to learn at this stage of my career and due to him I am learning each and every day with new things . He has given me opportunities, challenges and responsibilities that make me feel happy to work. Feels privileged to closely work with a mentor who is not only good at professional things but also the main aspect, good human being with good heart ”.

Sneha P said, the biggest reason of her smile was getting nominated for the “Employee of the Quarter Award”.

Preeti D said, “When I got selected in Verinite and got my offer. Attending first day of office. Working under Deepika who always encourages me to work and never lets me down, she always makes me feel good and special. Each day in office from my date of joining has been special and made me smile”.

Reasons are many, some are big and some are small
but they definitely bring a smile for all
Life is too short, so the time we have, let’s keep smiling
and spread the smile across.
Share the reason of your smile and you never know,
you may be making up a day for another person
who may have been a bit low

Sankhadeep Chakraborty

Sankhadeep heads the engineering arm in Verinite. He has been associated with the BFSI domain from the start of his career. He is a hardcore techie and innovation drives him. He believes in the saying "Nothing is impossible"

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