Secrets To Build Client Comradeship!!!

By Debasis Mohanty . June 14, 2021 . Blogs

Have you ever wondered why certain companies are far ahead in the race than others? Their escalation and repute in the fraternity are seamless and unsurpassable. What is it in them that set them apart from the others?

Well! The fundamental distinction lies in their philosophy of work. The work culture focuses on never settling for mediocrity. Their core value of delivering more than expected is what attracts their customers and impresses them for a lifetime.

It’s a good thought to always keep your customer satisfied. But this philosophy will not take you long. While you may consider this strategy a safe play, the truth is your client still remains vulnerable to your competitors.

If you desire your clients to stick to you no matter what the competitors offer, you will have to exceed customer expectations and deliver extraordinary experiences and not mere products. Your best should be exceptional. Something they can never find anywhere else.

We bring to you a few ways in which you can add unparalleled value to your business.

 1. Focus on Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is immensely important to gauge and evaluate your footing with the clients. There is no way to ascertain what your client likes or hates about your work environment until you ask for their feedback. There could be something very minute that irks your customers. If you remain unaware, you can do nothing to rectify your brand reputation.

Concentrate towards attaining maximum customer feedback and devise a strategy to overcome the challenges and exceed their expectations.

2.    Be on your Toes

In today’s world, no one has the patience or time to wait for a solution. Customers seek instant solutions. They demand immediate action. So your customer service mantra should be to offer quality service NOW!

Honesty in customer service translates to happy customers. Never compromise on quality and your client will stay yours.

3.    Attention to Details

Isn’t that the rule in life as well? Everyone does the basics for you but that one person who focuses on the smaller aspects wins your heart forever. It’s the smaller things that matter the most!

Never commit the mistake of underestimating your client. Taking  care in answering even the smallest of the query from customer will differentiate you from others. While doing so ensure the client objective is achieved.

4.    One Team Approach

Exceeding client expectation calls for taking an additional initiative. on a project working with client you need to embrace ONE team approach; vendor, client distinction should blur while achieving the project goal.

Seamless integration with teams is the key to success of a project

5.    Celebrate

Who wouldn’t be charmed on receiving a surprise birthday cake or a fun video greeting? Such initiatives go a long way in transforming a satisfied customer into an enchanted one!

Accumulate personal data about your clients and surprise with a thoughtful gesture.

6.    Accept your Mistake

You could be the best in your fraternity but that doesn’t signify you are free of errors. Take ownership of your mistakes and apologize whenever you let down a client. Customers have the prudence and empathy to applaud you for acknowledging your mistakes.

Such measures will undoubtedly augment your respect and position in the eyes of the customers.

7.    It’s a Relationship

It’s an outdated philosophy to just make a sale. Today it’s more about building a relationship with your clients. Let your actions not reek of revenue promotion. The money will automatically flow once your customers take cognizance of your value added services.


It’s impossible to be good in all facets of a business. Recognize your niche and concentrate on its promotion. Distinguish what’s unique within you? Identify what appeals the most about you to the customers? Once you discover the answers, it’s easy to focus on these aspects and deliver an authentic and cherished experience.

Why be satisfied with mediocrity when prominence awaits you? Gear up to go that extra mile!

Debasis Mohanty

Debasis heads the delivery for all client engagements at Verinite. He has a long track record of delivering high quality, responsive, secure and cost-effective business and technology solutions in BFSI domain. Outside his work, he is an amateur animator, a sports enthusiast, a voracious reader and a Trivia buff.

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