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IndiaStack – What You Need to Know?

India has set a benchmark for the world in adopting digitization. From using cash predominantly, India has come a long way to accept and remit digital payments. In fact, India surpassed China in the total volume of real-time payments this year. According to IndiaStack’s website, Indians have completed 67 billion digital verifications and Rs 5.47 […]

5 Payment Trends to Watch in The Year 2023

The payment industry was bustling with new developments and innovations in 2022. There was so much happening this year. Besides that, our research also predicted increased focus on cybersecurity, BigTech’s interest in investing in payments, the emergence of payment-as-a-service (PaaS), and more. The recent developments in the payment industry clearly indicate that customers and merchants […]

Top Retail Banking Trends and Predictions for...

2023 may be a very exciting year for the banking and financial sector. They are at thecrossroads of transitioning into bigger digital entities with better presence virtually. Theneed for digital transformation may be several, like lowering costs, improving compliance,etc., but 2023 will also be a year when banks and financial institutions will witness themassive growth […]

Crypto Credit Cards – What They Are, and How...

Crypto credit cards are among the hottest trends in the crypto world right now. On the surface, they offer all the perks a traditional credit card offers but allow users to spend their cryptocurrencies. In fact, a recent survey outlined that 13 million American adults already have a credit card that allows them to use cryptocurrency for […]

Instant Payments Around the World

Gone are those days when transactions took hours or days to complete. Customers don’t have to wait to transact money during banking hours anymore. All this is possible due to instant payments.  Instant payments are a way of exchanging and processing payments between bank accounts or peer-to-peer in real-time. The most common types of instant […]

Voice Payments – The Future of Payment Techno...

As per Statista, there will be 8.4 billion digital voice assistants catering to the needs of users worldwide by 2024 (up from 4.2 billion in 2020). To put that into perspective, the number of voice assistants across devices worldwide would be more than the world population.  And this doesn’t come as a surprise considering the immense market […]

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