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Performance Testing

Performance testing provides valuable information on parameters like response time, speed, reliability, stability, scalability, resource usage, and behavior of the application under diverse load conditions. In today’s digital era, response time is of utmost importance to serve end users better. Chalking out an effective performance testing is always challenging as it encloses several specialized test types that have to be applied in line with a specific criterion. Efficient performance testing results in elimination of performance bottlenecks.

A mission-critical benchmark of performance testing is the suitability of the application during peak load conditions. This gains importance as the reputation and trust of end users is at stake. Endurance testing evaluates how the application performs under load over time. Varying loads are applied to the system under test for a pre-determined period to validate that the system is meeting the performance requirements related to production loads and relevant durations.

Vulnerability assessment and taking active steps toward remediation is a key part of performance testing endeavor. For any organization that wants to protect critical data, assessing vulnerability becomes a core requirement. Our process involves identifying and scoring any vulnerabilities discovered on the application and prioritizing the remediations to deal with higher risk vulnerabilities.

The impact and cost of system downtime is often colossal for an enterprise because of increasing dependence on data and technology. Every minute of down time or slow performance might result in the loss of thousands of dollars. Thoroughly done performance testing minimizes system downtime, thus preventing the possible damages to your business.

Typical Challenges

Here are the typical challenges you are likely to come across during performance testing:

Longer load time for the application

At a time when technology is advancing at a rapid pace and end users aren’t willing to wait, they won’t welcome longer load time for your application. Moreover, it will result in poor UX and frustrated end users dampening the retention chances.

Poor response time

Loss of critical millisecond / seconds might result in loss of payment transaction. There are chances of users getting pissed off and abandoning your application right away or bouncing to a competitor.

System choking

Bottlenecks created in the system due to poor design or under optimization result in decreased throughput of desired processes. It is a stage when the application receives more work requests than it can process at its optimum throughput capacity, severely interrupting the flow of work.

Data breaches

If not timely tackled, data breaches turn out to be one of the hardest hit challenges to the banking ecosystem. Valuable data stored with banking institutions often becomes frequent target of cyber criminals, raising concerns about data security.

Our Approach

Let us now apprise you of our approach while tackling these challenges:

Document a comprehensive test plan capturing all required aspects of performance & security testing

We create a detailed document of the text plan describing the test objectives, strategy, estimation, schedule, deliverables, and resources required to conduct performance and security testing for an application. The plan keeps us on track for validating the quality of the system taking the test.

Build scripts and payloads as per agreed test plans

Our experts write scripts and payloads (browser recorded HAR files) for various types of testing like load, stress, API, Benchmarking, etc. They may parameterize existing scripts for a load test, modify multiple requests, or swap servers in a script.

Setup the test environment with necessary test tools and whitelist connections

Rigorous testing requires proper testing environment with a setup of required software and hardware, and whitelist connections to execute use cases. The testing team configures the environment as per the requirement of the application under test.

Execute and report findings with suitable recommendations for the project

Our team summarizes measurements using multiple levels of granularity to frame tree and forest views, and compares with consistent granularities to provide you a 360-degree view. Detailed report finding are sent to you along with the recommendations.

What we roll out?

Extensive experience in performance testing allows us to come up with solutions that help us stand out:

All-encompassing services on load-stress and optimization

We offer umbrella-range services on load and stress testing, helping you meet the benchmark on performance. For optimization of testing, we cover regular and irregular parameters. Depending on whether your team is using waterfall approach or methodology, we can alter our testing approach.

Performing testing for various load conditions & checking for peak TPS

The team checks for various conditions such as ‘Poor response at all loads for all transactions’, ‘Poor response at medium and high loads’, ‘Poor response for certain transactions only’, and ‘Poor response for certain terminals’. We also check for peak TPS during various loads.

API stress testing services ensuring the system responses and resilience

For APIs, the process to track and enhance the performance is load or stress testing. The only way for moving towards this objective is by diligently determining key metrics, and iteratively measuring and tweaking the application until the stated goals are met. Our team is adept at preparing for stress testing, setting up testing environment, choosing the tools, establishing a baseline, and executing runs.

Batch / EOD benchmarking and optimization recommendations

Batch / EOD benchmarking divulges the throughput of processing thousands of items through your servers. We use batch benchmarking to load test an array of calls to a server without a graphical user interface and dispatch optimization recommendations to you.

Specially tailored Vulnerability assessment and penetration test suite

Vulnerability assessment and penetrations tests can be combined to achieve a more complete vulnerability analysis. The two tests execute two diverse tasks, usually with different outcomes, but within the area the team is focused on.

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