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Interfaces & Scheme Certification Testing

Interface Testing establishes whether two or multiple software sub-systems are functioning correctly in a cohort. It requires probing several ways of interfacing such as file based, data base to database, and real time (queue, middleware or API based). You also have to check for availability of data at the entry and exit points for absolute correctness. It also includes testing of major segments such as web server, application server interface, and database server interface. Various sorts of testing are done on the interfaces may include Workflow; edge cases-unexpected values; performance, load, and network testing; and Individual systems.

Payment scheme certification requires a specialized experienced team to execute and complete it in a timely manner as this activity is always on a project critical path. You can trust our experts to carry out tests in accordance with international testing standards. We keep leveraging our robust relationships with relevant brands and industry bodies to constantly upgrade our already rigorous testing modules and methods. Our testing services are open to cards and payment terminals vendors, mobile payment system developers and any other enterprise keen on certifying their solutions in line with global and local norms.

Typical Challenges

E2E testing on interfaces is always a challenge especially if the system is comprised of several subsystems. Synchronization of the interfaces is required along with the test scenario specification, test case generation, and tool support. Each of these test scenarios denote a single function from an end user’s viewpoint. Moreover, test data available is insufficient for covering all edge cases with interfaces.

As for scheme certification, enterprises lack comprehensive knowledge on offline, online and CPV certification processes resulting in additional efforts and charges from respective payment schemes. Confusion prevails among the players, from payments processors to merchants, over the technological and compliance needed for the scheme certification. Incorrect configuration and parameterization registered with schemes results in repeat testing efforts. Several steps have to be completed for moving toward full activation of the scheme certification.

Our Approach

Drawing from our extensive experience, we follow

To define the scope of interface & certification

Delineating contours of interface and certification helps understand the environment we have to operate in and the security environments we need to fulfill. Precise configuration and parameterization are important to maintain tight control of dynamic interfaces.

Test planning and raising project request with respective entities like separate projects for Issuer and acquirer host

A well-crafted test plan takes into account the test strategy, goals, schedule, estimation, deliverables, and resources. Issuer and Acquirer banks’ host systems require integration with your system, so we opt for separate project requests.

Review and provide inputs to Configuration and setup that is applicable

Our team reviews each use case and provides inputs specifying the configuration, determining how the system locates and processes the data. The objectives is a setup utmost optimized for a given location, volume of data, infrastructure, and security requirements.

Perform simulated, offline, online testing, bundle creation and submission

Simulated, offline, and online testing is conducted to design, implement, and test different scenarios, particularly advanced use cases, precisely. Submission bundles are created in the needed flavors to ensure the sub-systems are functioning efficiently in tandem.

Comply with the certification processes set by payment schemes for host and terminals

End-to-end certification testing involves setting up of a customized test center just for your terminal solutions. Our experts curtail your certification cycles and time to market, reduce product error, and bring down your costs and compliance risks.

What we roll out

Here are the solutions that help us stand out:

  • Unified testing approach across interfaces
  • Database, file and API driven testing approach
  • Systematic and well-rehearsed approach to tackling full certification or comfort testing requirements
  • Expertise at conducting regional network certification expertise along with global standard payment scheme certification experience


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