Positive Influence of Freshers in the Workplace!!!

By Jayati Chaudhuri . June 14, 2021 . Blogs

All companies wish for focused and talented employees. A fresher comes with these skills and much more! This week we had our first batch of 2018 new recruits joining Team Verinite!

Whilst we were going through the onboarding and induction process it struck me that when I was in college, in the late 90s, campus recruitments were common only to business schools. Fresh graduates from regular colleges were not fortunate enough to be absorbed by organizations as fresh interns. Well! As on date, the scenario stands completely altered! Graduates are largely hired by companies during the campus selection. Companies are favouring new talent over experienced pros!

Recruiting fresh workforce right out of college has its own advantages. Let’s analyse the factors that contribute towards its popularity.
• Higher Diligence:
Graduates are at the starting point of their careers. Being at the initial stage, they are more conscientious to the working norms and tend to pay attention towards every minor aspect of work. After a certain point of time, the older and experienced workforce tends to take things easy and become lackadaisical in their approach towards work. The young interns display a higher drive and yearning to project their talent and skills. Their eagerness to carve a niche for themselves in the professional domain can help the organization get work accomplished in abundance.
 Novel Perspectives:
Fresh interns haven’t yet experienced the monotonous industry drill. They have not dwelt too deep into the professional world. Therefore, their views, ideas, and perspectives will be novel and definitely varied from the present ones. New ideas and methodologies can be implemented in your organization that could surely prove beneficial to the business.
• Flawless Uptake:
A fresh graduate is like fresh dough. You can mould them the way you please! Fresh talent showcases higher willingness to learn and adapt accordingly. They are quick with the uptake and are enthusiastic learners. They will be willing to tow your line as they desire to prove their eligibility for the profile. These characteristics can be utilized effectively towards the benefit of the organization.
• Technologically Savvy:
The younger generation is certainly savvy with the latest technological innovations. Fresh updates can help the company empower themselves towards perfection. Employees working in the same organization for a long time tend to get caught up with stereotypes and are rather rigid with their work style. They believe their approach is the finest and are averse to change. Newcomers usher a fresh and more innovative approach to work. This promises more productivity and helps keeping pace with the latest trends in business.
 Passionate towards Work:
Being passionate about one’s work is the biggest asset of any employee. Young employees enjoy their work and are willing to work overtime to accomplish professional goals. They analyse their responsibilities to the deepest level and comprehend the requisites well.
• Good Pack of Listeners:
Newcomers are good listeners and followers. They rarely question as the aim is to gain experience in the industry rather than defying norms. Hiring such eager and abiding employees would be definitely profitable.
• Healthy Work Relationships:
The younger generation is more optimistic towards learning and building harmonious work relationships. They accept people with an open mind as their sole ambition is to excel in their roles and develop their careers.
The growth of any organization largely depends on innovative initiatives and enthusiasm towards work. As a matter of natural instinct, first trials always involve more sincerity. The same goes for young employees. The first job means adhering to policies with utmost sincerity.

Their endeavours to develop traditional standards with their updated know-how are a good sign for any company.
Having said that, one cannot overlook certain disadvantages of having fresh workforce on roll! Some of these include wavering interests, lack of training and professionalism, and compatibility issues. There’s always a flip side to every situation. But the positives of this one certainly outnumbers the negatives. Nevertheless, the decision is rather crucial so choose with prudence!

Verinite has a pool of young talent which brings lots of energy and exuberance to accomplish things. All are eager to learn and exhibit their skills and talent in order to achieve success and step towards corporate success.

Jayati Chaudhuri

Jayati is Manager HR and Operations. She has more than 7 years of experience in the HR Generalist profile. Her major contribution in her previous organization was into recruitment (India), induction (India) and reward and recognition at the organizational level.

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