Manual and Automation Testing Challenges

By Kuldeep Patil . June 15, 2021 . Blogs

Software testing helps to eliminate the probability that the final product has errors of design or functionality.

Software companies perform product testing either manually or by using automation tools. It is an equally integral part of the software development lifecycle just as the design and development. As a software tester, I faced lot of challenges at beginning of my career like building automation script it used to be tough to integrate multiple applications to execute one functional scenario withing strict deadline. Software testing has many such challenges whether it is Manual or Automation and every tester would have experienced at least one or more of the challenges which we have listed down.

Challenges in Manual Testing

  1. Understanding all the requirements: When requirements are documented and provided to a tester, it is tester responsibility to understand each requirement properly and if there are some ambiguity then tester should talk to client and get it cleared. If tester fails to do so, he/she will not be able to test the software properly. Tester should try and find maximum defects to make sure final release is defect free. All the possible scenarios should be covered so no defects get missed.
  2. Regression test case coverage: After every development release or defect fix, we need to ensure that previously working functionalities are not adversely impacted. Tester needs to understand the functionalities that are fixed in new release and affected code/functionality to update regression test scenarios.
  3. Out of box thinking: It is not always possible to write all the scenarios, most of the time while execution tester needs to think out of box to test different scenarios which could be very rare or unique to the installation.
  4. Cope up with new/modified requirement: Sometimes requirements are changed/added in between the project milestones. It becomes a challenge to cope up with the new changes within the deadline. As we need to understand new/updated requirement, update test cases, regression test cases.

Challenges in Automation Testing

  1. 100% Automation: Do you think 100% automation is achievable? No, it is impossible to automate each and every test case, it is a challenging job to automate maximum number of scenarios possible. For example, many a times if there are image related scenarios like captcha entering while login this kind of scenarios could not be automated.
  2. Requires appropriate technical skill: When we talk about Automation, tester has to have proper programming knowledge to write the scripts and also should show how to use automation tools really well.
  3. Upgrading skill set as per client requirement: Many of the time it happens that manual and automation testing team / person is same; and based on client requirement tool may change, so tester needs to be always prepared for upgrading the Automation skills. Tester needs to understand the tool and have hands knowledge within a short span of time.
  4. Complex scripting (integration with multiple application): If the project timelines are tight and functionalities are complex it becomes very challenging for tester to write the test script, execute and verify the scripts. This is the time when tester has to show his proactiveness and smart work to complete the automation scripting within deadline.

In summary, one can overcome all these challenges by self-learning, upgrading skills, learning new things. Even though there are so many challenges in software test field but still it is one of the best jobs as it ensures delivery of quality product at the end.

Kuldeep Patil

Kuldeep is working as Consultant @ Verinite Technologies. He has 6+ years of experience in Automation and cards domain. He is passionate about learning new things and believes in "Nothing is impossible". He loves listening songs and watching movies.

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