Kuwait Welcomes Verinite to help their Banks on CMS Services!!

By . June 28, 2021 . News

As always said “ Faith doesn’t make things easy, it makes it possible” and Verinite takes a stride into Kuwait with the faith of providing support and assistance to their Banks with technology services for Cards and Lending Business. We are making it possible by serving our first esteemed client in Kuwait. Customer is one of the fastest growing banks in the Kuwait, offering prominent services in Corporate, Private, Premium and Retail banking.

Verinite, has been entrusted to support the switching and debit card system (HPS PowerCARD application) which covers the analysis, testing and implementation support to ensure uninterrupted services to the bank’s customers. Our track record of successfully delivering HPS PowerCARD related projects for the client, our knowledge in the domain of cards and application expertise have proved to be the key differentiators.

Verinite is responsible for system configuration, defining templates for new products, develop/maintain interfaces, testing of issues/enhancements/compliances/CR’s, improving overall service delivery mechanism and guiding the bank’s team in parameterisation across the suite of HPS PowerCARD modules. Verinite expects to deliver its famed “Verinite Advantage” which will allow banks to solely focus on core activities, avail increased technical expertise, improve internal staff efficiency and realize cost savings.

It can be rightly said that “Trust and expertise” are the heart and soul of an enterprise, and success of a business depends on the connections you create and nurture. Now, it’s time to prove the value of our services and reassure the client of all the success they look forward to in all their endeavours. This first impression will set the tone for our relationship and possibly determine its future. And that is why a successful client being on-board is critical for building value and driving long-term customer satisfaction.


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