Intangible Potential of Employee Engagement !!

By Shruti Warke . June 14, 2021 . Blogs

To win the Market place, you must first win the workplace.

The one who has penned this thought has understood the value of employee engagement. An engaged workforce will help the organization achieve great heights.

What is this concept of employee engagement? According to Wikipedia, Employee engagement is a fundamental concept in the effort to understand and describe, both qualitatively and quantitatively, the nature of the relationship between an organization and its employees. In Simple words, it’s a measure to see what the employees feel about the organization, how they connect with the vision and goals of the company, how they perform their role and how satisfied and happy they are at the job. The workforce is the most important asset of the company. The companies which go extra mile on improving the working conditions for the employees, meet their aspirations and make them feel valued and respected become successful in the long run.

Employee engagement comes with a whole lot of benefits, Quantitative and Qualitative. Engaged and motivated staff are great performers, they directly impact the projects and win the clients. They are satisfied at their personal and professional lives. Most importantly engaged employees show high level of loyalty towards their company. As rightly pointed out by Sir Richard Branson – Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business.

So what is done at Verinite to have an engaged workforce?  Here’s the list.

When anyone joins a company, it’s the responsibility of the company to meet the aspirations of the new joinee. At Verinite, we understand the professional goals and expectations of the candidates. We strive to provide them the opportunities to showcase and develop their skills. They are sent to other work locations and are given a chance to communicate directly with the clients. They are representatives of Verinite on client location and are groomed to be partners in business. They are helped to develop their communication skills, soft skills and other necessary personality attributes. The prime objective of Verinite is to create all-rounders’ who are strong technically and have an impactful personality. This gives them a sense of achievement and there is a remarkable increase in their confidence. At each level in hierarchy, Verinite offers a lot of occasions for self-learning and development.

When the why is clear the how is easy. At Verinite, we practise open communication. We have transparency in policies, decisions and all companywide activities. We follow the policy of no cabins. The leaders are seated with the subordinates to promote open communication, transparency and respect.  The associates are well informed about the company goals for the year, revenue targets, quarterly progress on the strategies etc. The leaders of each department share a monthly update to all the staff across locations. This further fosters the sense of accountability and open communication. This is mainly practised to set an example for everyone to be responsible for their promises and actions. The associates are shown the bigger picture and explained the significance of their role in the company. When the associates are aware about the impact of their job in overall company’s success, they show more responsibility, focus and creativity in their job.  Their efforts are valued and recognised by quarterly and yearly awards for the best performers.

The chief purpose of the HR department is to build a connection with all the associates by gaining their trust and to prove it. The associates are asked for their feedback and suggestion for the improvement of the company. There are one on one interviews conducted with them to understand the grievances and problems. The company goes out of the way to understand and tries to solve the difficulties. We have flexibility of time, direct approach to the managers for quick solutions, the associates are also given sabbaticals to tackle their personal worries. The company has provisions for catering to the short term financial needs of the associates. Personal life is equally important and should be considered when there is low performance shown. When the company shows that concern, the employees feel cared and they reciprocate by being loyal to the organization. In the words of Simon Sinek – Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

Verinite’s culture is the favourite topic among the Verinitians. We abide by ten values which the Verinitians have developed together. This exercise was performed in full spirit and enthusiasm. The associates were very keen in contributing their thoughts and opinions to form these 10 most important values. Integrity, Truthfulness, Respect, teamwork, constant improvements are few of them This exercise made the associates feel that their thoughts matter to the company and each of them is heard and understood.

Being Positive even when the going gets tough is a thought that binds us all. There are a lot of obstacles that we have to face to achieve our targets. Sometimes the decisions go wrong. Instead of playing the blame game, we accept the mistakes and think about the necessary actions to be taken to correct them. We learn our lessons from the failures. This positive attitude shown by the leadership percolates through the team, its encouraging and helps the team to work towards the goals with new found zeal. It shows the confidence of the managers towards the subordinates.

We celebrate everything. We have formed teams for organizing various events and festivals in the company. There are games, competitions and off course prizes!! These events add an element of fun. The essentials like team building, knowing your colleagues, co-worker bonding etc. are evolved unknowingly as a side effect of these events. The members of the organizing team get trained in managing resources, time and people. They become resourceful and creative. The participants learn to be attentive and competitive. Most important by-product of these events are the Memories. These memories create an emotional bond between colleagues, managers and subordinates. Even when the employees leave the company for better opportunities, they always remember the best times spent in Verinite and wish the best for the company.

A company is nothing but people. So the people are the most important asset. Their wellbeing, progress and growth will ensure the company’s success. We believe if we Treat employees like they make a difference, they will. Engaged employees show up and are involved, not only because they’re paid to be, but because they’re invested, emotionally or otherwise.

Shruti Warke

Shruti is working as an HR&Operations Manager at Verinite Technologies. She has 7 years of enriched experience in the field of HR Management.She is passionate about her job and likes to learn new things. She loves to travel and is also an Amateur actor.

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