How Millennials brought a Paradigm Shift to HR Department???

By Sankhadeep Chakraborty . June 14, 2021 . Blogs

Generation X and Millennials, the two generations together now make up most of the workforce, but despite being back-to-back generations, they are separated by some key differences.

The Human Resource Management recommends having a firm understanding of what is important and valued by each of these generations in the recruitment process. Doing so could be invaluable in determining which candidates would reject or accept positions.

Beyond the hiring process, understanding the key differences between each generation offers better insight into how each respective employee thrives. How a new hire fits into the team and change the climate, for good or bad.

The average age of the employees in Verinite is 26 years which make the organisation a millennial organisation. This has become an advantage to Verinite as the employees are always eager to travel to different place for work, they wait late nights and also work on weekdays if required and are always full of energy, they always accommodate new ideas and have the spirit of never giving up and never say never attitude.

They saying “the strongest survives” is no more for us but for Verinite it is “the one who adapts to the changes survives”, the millennials are very flexible and are willing to change and accept the change around them, in fact they are the ones who are making the changes.

And Yes! It is not just difficult but a challenge for the organisation to retain the Millennials, to constantly motivate them and keep them excited and glued to the organisation as they take technology proficiency up a notch, it’s no secret that they currently corner the market in tech prowess, they view technology as an extension of themselves, more than a hobby, technology is a lifestyle for them and they are native tech users.

Verinite has this first-hand experience with the Millennials as to how they look at work, responsibility, ownership, leadership and salary.

Gone are the days when our parents would spend their entire lives in the same organisation and gone are the days where we spent not less than 8-10 years in an organisation, now Millennials switch the job within two years, they want to earn quick bucks in a short span of time hence we have to give them a sense of purpose of work, more challenging duties and on-the-job growth this underscores the importance of breaking with tradition and implementing innovative HR policies to keep them engaged. Higher pay is not the solution to keep attrition under control; the solution that we have started providing is an engaging and exciting culture, innovative benefits and career growth opportunities.

In Verinite the HR’s job is no more Induction and Attendance input, as the Millennials give sleepless nights and make’s the HR department think and make’s it come up with creativity, innovation and constantly the demand and want for something different.

The HR department has to be constantly on its toes to make everything fun at the same time challenging, innovative, creative and make it better than the last time. Employee engagement is no more just “birthday celebrations” in Verinite but it is about team building, extracting learning from each activity, each one takes responsibility and ownership towards the activity and team members.

The Millennials do not prefer taking instructions but they are full of energy and like be part of the activates and want to do it differently. Since they do not like being instructed they come up with their own ideas and like to take responsibility of their own actions which results in ownership mentality thus helping organisation.

The Millennials have little patience and want to see the results quickly as if there is a magic wand in the hand, that’s when the HR team has to step into make them understand and give them a larger picture along with the logical reasoning. They have a question to everything that they are asked to do and the answers have to satisfy them. This nature of the Millennials make’s the work faster as they want to see quick results which help’s the organisation; they come up with new and creative things in the technical world. It is like having a ball of fire and energy and everyone is pushed beyond their limits and that when we all know that our limit is more then what even we can see and feel, it’s like “infinity and beyond”, Verinite team is a coruscating team

The thought process of the Millennials is amazing where they want to grow but along with the organisation, where they want to see themselves at the peak, with each one thinking there is a great competition but a healthy one which makes work fun.

With the Millennials around there is a lot to learn, be updated, innovative and logical and do everything differently keeping the HR department extremely busy and energetic as well. The Millennials have made the HR team to think beyond “Human Resource”, in Verinite we treat our employees as assets & not just resources, in Verinite we go beyond and touch everyone’s life. The Millennials have made the HR team the parents, when required we play that role by taking care of all the needs of the employees and sometimes pushing them beyond their limits, encouraging them to get the best out of them. The Millennials have bought a shift in the HR style of working in Verinite that makes our Human Resource’s team very different and divergent.

The Millennials have not just made the HR department amazing but also contributed in making Verinite an organisation where people would want to work be recognised. Perform, get rewarded, enjoy the freedom that comes along with Verinite culture & its inherent value system.

Sankhadeep Chakraborty

Sankhadeep heads the engineering arm in Verinite. He has been associated with the BFSI domain from the start of his career. He is a hardcore techie and innovation drives him. He believes in the saying "Nothing is impossible"

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