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When we sought a leader to manage couple of customer accounts with renewed vigor, we hadn’t expected someone who identifies herself with ‘Aishwarya Rai’ to be so firmly at the helm in just a month’s time. Verinite was going through a certain transition at that time, and we knew that we had to find a leader with strong fundamentals and ethics to conceptualize and drive the change. Anjali has been the answer!

Some excerpts from our conversation with Anjali Yadav.

  • Before Verinite –

After graduating from Pune University, I worked with Syntel and Applabs as Test Engineer. My 7 years of association with these organizations was mainly into manual and automation testing and test environment support in Healthcare, BFSI domains. The last year of my association with Syntel was managing the testing of 2 applications developed in-house in order to manage multiple projects & support testing for a BFSI client.

  • Joining a small start-up “Verinite” –

After a maternity break of 10 months, I started applying for job and managed to receive an offer from Verinite. After working for 2 established organizations for 7 years, I was little hesitant about joining Verinite as it was just a 2 years old start-up. After doing some research, I finally decided to join Verinite.

  • The initial months –

The initial few days were shocks and surprises for me like the space constraints for sitting, all the work being managed with open source softwares, manual approval process from senior management, facilities like canteen and place for recreational activities were not available. However, the coolest part was the open culture and transparency between the senior management and the other associates which made the life much easier. The atmosphere was very friendly rather than a typical senior-junior relationship.

  • Evolving the story since then till now –

I realized that I had to discard all my notions of omnipresent processes and resources provided to employees for making their job easy. I started getting used to work with the constraints. However, the things which were making me excited was to work out a strategy and to do the things in my own way to accomplish the task. The work environment was simultaneously relaxed and stressful.

During my 7 years of association with previous organizations, I knew the directors only by their names and the broadcast emails they used to send. My roles and responsibilities were limited to handling a very small unit of the project. But, here I have my lunch with director and can discuss my issues directly with him. I am managing two accounts for QA. I have much more authority and visibility into business decisions.

  • The Results –

After working at Verinite for last 10 months, I realized that I am able to wear many hats. I learned to push myself harder than I ever did and take on tasks totally outside my comfort zone. I got best exposure to my skills unlike the previous organizations I worked for. In addition to that, management offered me work from home facility which helped me to achieve work-life balance

  • Where do we go from here? –

After having an exciting journey of 10 months with Verinite and having a wealth of experience, I am honored to be part of this esteemed group. I would love to be with Verinite as it is bringing best out of me and be associated with this family as long as it does continuing so! Now, when I look back, I never regret my decision of joining Verinite – Instead, I take pride while sharing some anecdotes of joining this start-up organization. I feel lucky enough to see Verinite transforming and flourishing like never before, testimony to which is our new state-of-the art office space at one of the booming locality in Pune, our amplifying global outreach and clientele/partner tally and importantly our people – my colleagues with enormous sense of professionalism and unrivalled skill sets which everyday adds energetic vibes around you !! I look forward to see Verinite transforming from a small start-up into a bigger established organization in near future!

Sankhadeep Chakraborty

Sankhadeep heads the engineering arm in Verinite. He has been associated with the BFSI domain from the start of his career. He is a hardcore techie and innovation drives him. He believes in the saying "Nothing is impossible"

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