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By Ashish Katkar . June 15, 2021 . Blogs

When I founded Verinite 9 years ago, one of the toughest questions that I had to answer during the growth phase was whether to develop deeper expertise in a niche area or offer wider solutions in different areas.

Certainly, the decision was not easy.

But in the course of my professional career, having helmed several different roles, I was determined about focusing on a niche area rather than providing generic IT consulting services. One domain that was natural choice was Cards, Payments, and Lending. I wanted to create an identity for the company and a clear vision of what it wants to accomplish through the services it provides for the banking domain – with a sharp focus on cards and payments. And that was the vision with which Verinite was born.

Over the years, Verinite has helped banks, financial institutions, product companies and third-party payment processors drive differentiated value through a seamless amalgamation of people, technology, and processes. By ensuring that IT initiatives are tied to business imperatives, we aid financial institutions in planning new initiatives and driving business and technology transformations in the cards and payment discipline.

Why we decided to focus on niche areas

The IT landscape is chock-a-block, with several thousand organizations offering a gamut of full-ranging IT services to businesses across different industries.

Achieving a competitive edge in an environment where every company is offering the same set of services or eyeing the same set of customers is extremely challenging.

That is why we, at Verinite, decided to cater only to clients in one domain. And that domain for us was cards and payments.

Our decision to have cards and payments as our focal point was straightforward. We realised that the global card payment industry is always abuzz with transformational changes that take place across regulatory guidelines, progressive industry initiatives, evolving customer expectations and innovations like mobile and contactless payments.

That said, here are some compelling reasons why we decided to focus on this niche area:

· It allows us to understand customers’ business problems and suggest the right solution: As a specialist in a specific area, we can better understand our customers’ problems and work with them to suggest the right business solutions instead of just technology solutions.

· It allows us to master key technologies relevant to our areas and be technology-agnostic: In today’s world, every company is looking to embrace the latest technological trends to be relevant. Focusing on a key domain allows us to master the relevant technologies and use that knowledge to recommend the right tech solutions that fit the bill. It gives us the freedom to select the ‘right’ technology instead of just the ‘latest’ technology.

· It helps us understand the business impact of the customer challenges and deliver the solutions accordingly: We understand the business impact of not solving the challenges our customers face. By gaining a deeper understanding of what’s working, what’s not, and what can be improved, we can deliver pioneering solutions that deliver a positive impact on our customer’s bottom-line.

· We become the real knowledge partners and experts instead of just technology implementors: Having our center of attention as one niche area helps us in gaining a better hold of the advances in technology in that particular domain, the changes that happen, and what we need to deliver to enhance the market standing or end-user experiences for our customers. Instead of being just the technology implementors, such focus enables us to become real knowledge partners and experts – allowing us to work with our customers to understand their pain points and innovate with them.

How this helps us deliver real value to our customers

While we offer services range from high end consulting like System Selections, Program management, Business Analysis, Green field implementations, Upgrades and Migrations, System integrations, Intelligent automation, RPA, Digitization and more, here’s how a niche focus helps us deliver “real value” to our customers:

· We are able to roll out solutions faster because we have solved the common challenges many times. Instead of trying to master technology solutions across different domains, driving attention towards cards, payments and lending has helped us in becoming exceptionally skilled at building cutting-edge solutions for one particular domain.

· Since we have long-standing experience and expertise in understanding challenges facing cards, payments and lending domain, we can help our customers choose the right technology for a particular business problem they are facing.

·Over the years, the team at Verinite has developed deep expertise in building solutions with industry-leading products to solve critical business problems across Card Management Systems, Risk Management, Fraud Management, and more. This experience enables us to prioritise the automation and digitization initiatives of our customers to maximize business impact.

· Instead of taking a haphazard or constrained approach to solution building, we often define the complete roadmap of our customers’ digitisation initiatives, helping them drive maximum value from their IT investments while helping them stay ahead of the competition.


The pace at which the card, payments and lending industry is growing requires organisations to implement solutions that are contemporary, feature-rich and forward-thinking.

Having been in the industry for 9+ years now and having delivered Avant-grade solutions to customers across industries, today Verinite is a known name in the industry, and a preferred partner for cards, payments, and lending. Our deep domain expertise and technology knowledge has enabled us to build revolutionary solutions for our clients, helping them stay ahead of the curve.

The “inch wide, and mile deep” approach has truly worked in our favour!!

Ashish Katkar

Ashish is Managing Director @ Verinite. His passion is to build a next generation technology company focused on BFSI industry in emerging economies. An ardent Arsenal, Amitabh, Kishore Kumar and Sachin Tendulkar fan.

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