ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 !! An awesome extravaganza with phenomenal display of charismatic performances by the cricket playing nations. One more time, we saw the resurgence and utter dominance of Australians, this time in their own backyard. Not to anyone`s surprise, Aussies surpassed their all previous performances to present their nation a fifth feather in an already heavily studded crown !! No other sovereign could ever come close wearing this crown more than twice, depicts how dominant Australia is in this format of the game.

World Cup (WC) commenced along Indian Summer and thanks to some brilliant performances by Men in Blue, Campaigns like ‘Mauka-Mauka’ and ‘We won`t give it Back’ set the Indian idiot boxes ablaze. but, Fire and Fireworks go hand in hand for a Sales person (like me) who would always have some fireworks hovering around – Especially, in form of achieving Sales target and loitering March-end period; some handful and forcible reasons to keep away a buff like me from Cricket. But, I still decided to go along, watch Cricket and get motivated by drawing some biggest learning a sales person could have. My observation throughout the world cup kept me guessing the sole winner, eventually helping me in my “Sales learning”. I am putting below my month long churning in words to see if I really learnt Sales the Cricket way ??

Team India – How does Indian team got actuated (all of a sudden!!) in World Cup, despite a not-so-fantastic Tour Down under ??

indiancricketteam3What happens when you exhaust out of your energy, skills and hence any hopes while chasing a prospect myriad of times?? If you`d love sales, you would never want to see yourself in such catch 22 rather you get out of it as soon as possible and start your chase afresh with new prospect. Indian cricket team, learnt it the hard way!! They knew, it is time to shift focus to some getable prospects, probably a sale or two from them to keep up the tempo going as well boost confidence to aim for Big fish! So, they took a good week`s break in some exotic resort (Stretchhhhh your imagination and think what comes in your mind when you think of EXOTIC) and wore the charismatic rejuvenated avatar and started hunting afresh. Result is – they went on winning all league matches and in process dilapidated one of the clear favorites of WC (at least for that time) – the South Africa, in process crushing arch rivals Pakistan like ‘Hey! That`s easy (6-0), Bring them on !!’.

My learning: Don’t outlay undue time on immobile prospects, rather start chasing fresh ones!

Team New Zealand – It is tough to mess up with a domestic team in their own backyard!!

Until this WC, a Semifinal appearance was black caps best result ever in the history of the Cricket World Cup. But what worked for them this time around is their fantastic adaptability in responding to prospect pain areas especially the local and domestic prospects (pitch, climate along swinging wickets) and delivering extra value adds (Brendon McCullum`s power hitting in bowling Power play and Martin Guptill`s consistent performance). It was very easy for them thereafter to win local hearts (winning all home matches) hence exploiting the opponents (Other sales competitors in their group e.g. Sri Lanka, England and mighty Australians) and carving way to Final. A perfect example, how a good local reach could win you all!!

My learning: At times, It would be painstaking to beat a local competitor who understands, adapts and connects with local flavor better than you!   

Team Australia – 22 men go out to play a World Cup final and the Australians win!! (brilliantly highlighted by Sharrda Ugra in a cricketing column based on an aphorism in football that holds true across regions, decades, events, big-game nights: 22 men go out to play and the Germans win)


Australian cricket team is exemplary bunch of performers who could be called as Enablers in any Sales environment. Their out-and-out dominance throughout this world cup is outcome of self-motivated and performance oriented enabling teams.

  • Bowlers vis-à-vis Core Sales team – who knew that Australian pacers would be so deadly that opponents would be clueless whether to invite Aussies to bat first (and face the death demigods later) or take up the challenge of facing Aussie pacers to set a formidable target. Australian bowlers executed their strength fantastically well that even in batsman friendly new rules they were always a point of discussion as well as Face of the Australian coterie wherever they roamed. They were undoubtedly the Front end – Core Sales people of team Australia!!
  • Batsman vis-à-vis Marketing team – Along AB De Villiers from South Africa, if anyone else`s willow has left a sweet-spot print on kookaburras then Glen Maxwell would be the next best person to rock the Dias. Glen is a perfect example who`s 182.00 strike rate throughout the tournament created havoc in bowlers mind and importantly marketed team Australia as destructive, potent killer in death overs. Glen Maxwell headed aggressive marketing ideas and was equally supported by Warner and smith. The incontestable marketing team!
  • Coaches vis-à-vis Pre Sales team – Aussies think tank is always been their front runner Pre-sales cum coaching staff. The likes of Darren Lehmann and Craig McDermott (bowling coach) were inspirational planners and also promoted bowlers to execute the pavilion mulling on-field. Who would have thought in-form McCullum`s wicket on third delivery of the Finale, which certainly changed entire course of that game

My learning: This again proves importance of sales enablers (different departments) who if work in unification, could surely taste GOLD! Always take them along, listen to them and ACT! 

Team Bangladesh and Ireland – the Gatekeepers!!

You outta respect them!! You outta tell them the truth!! Else, you would perish like England, who underestimated the importance of gate keeping etiquette and were expelled out of the extravaganza by Bangladesh. Similarly, it would be tough for a  West Indian to forget their loss against Ireland which almost kicked them out denying knockout stage.

My Learning: Respect Gatekeepers! You should don good vibes while dealing with them and polite enough while passing by. Importantly, Do not lie, else be ready to curse yourselves!

Team South African The best Marketing and PR team – Which player comes in your mind when you think of South African current cricket team. I believe, 99% of us would agree with me that it is AB de-Villiers. This supernatural material made a statement and created mayhem by uncharacteristic, un-orthodox cricketing strokes just as similar as marketing team`s maverick ideas which could set up the tone for myriad successful campaigns. AB is the best person to head any Marketing team with all due respect to his caliber.

My Learning: Market yourself (your organization`s offerings) well in advance before launching any sales campaign. Start connecting and engaging with prospective clients even before you start SELLING!

Team West Indies and Sri Lanka: One man army could only win you few!

For a sales team or for that matter any team, the final performance index would always be the ‘Mean of all good-and-bad’ experienced through the journey (and not based entirely on peaks and abysses or MILESTONES achieved) which would set the outcome e.g. Team west Indies and Sri Lanka reached some milestones in this World Cup (West Indies: Gayle run riot while scoring double century (215) AND a win against paper-strong Pakistan; Where Sri Lanka had Kumar Sangakkara – The man in form of his life, scoring 4 consecutive centuries) but were never terrifying enough to win the World Cup.

My Learning: If you are a team, act like one! You could cash-in some revenues based on superb SOLO performance, but lose a lot on mileage. Remember! Clients would prefer working and entrusting a team than a one man entity!

I am sure you have also learnt a lot through this Cricket World Cup. I would be keen to hear your learning. Do share your views and stay tuned for my next blog!