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By Debasis Mohanty . June 14, 2021 . Blogs

DevOps!! The new trend coming in the Industry….

Let’s see the whole world of IT Industry with the lens of DevOps. DevOps does not go with only one thing, it has got the combination of Continuous Integration, Delivery, Continuous Deployment and more. DevOps can give the beautiful experience to the Industries handling large customer volume, bringing more enhancements on Automation services and Product Life cycle. As every business needs to stay agile, wants to improve their speed and innovate faster, DevOps methodology supports quality assurance and risk management factors.

DevOps equals Continuous Delivery. DevOps is a (combination of development and operations) software development method in which the operations and the development engineers participate together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support helping an organization rapidly produce software products and services. DevOps practices arena started nearly around 2007.DevOps innovate faster.

Dev and Ops are the two different terminologies which shows that the developers work with Ops to understand the impact of code changes also developer works more closely with production equivalent systems.

DevOps an evolution in the Software Delivery and what does it address?

Several times we have come across conflict conversations like “It’s not the server, it’s your code”, “It works on my machine” etc. What can be the major reason behind this conflict?? There might be the lack of synchronization between the development and the operations or infrastructure team?? Well, the answer to this question is “Yes”. The above conflict can be reduced by adopting DevOps. The development team is responsible for the creating and modifying the code on the other hand the operations team is responsible for creating stability and enhancing services on the developed code. With today’s constant pressures to provide new and innovative services—IT organizations must encourage and institute a culture of continuous learning and improvement. DevOps, a relatively new approach that draws on agile IT development but goes far beyond, can help IT achieve these goals.

DevOps brings out the collaborative mindset between Devs and Ops covering all the aspects of functional and non-functional requirements of an Industry. The complex banking applications takes months or up to a year to develop and launch. However, with the adoption of DevOps methodology and the tools the entire process can be completed in the matter of weeks after rigorous testing.

Before adopting the DevOps methodology, the development and the operations teams used to work individually for the launch of the application. After the introduction of the DevOps the teams collaborated with the single shared objective enabling Agile development and continuous delivery. The API’s introduction made the development process and helped in enhancing the existing services. Performing the non-functional testing approaches from the cloud became a part of it. Thus, DevOps has got great advancements within itself.

Agile and DevOps – How is it connected?

How Agile and DevOps works together is now a question in our mind. Basically, the answer could be “DevOps is an extension of Agile Methodology” Or “Agile Methodology works for DevOps software development processes and product/application delivery enhancements”.

The end to end Automation and the Collaboration between the Dev and Ops teams are the two key ingredients for making Agile and DevOps successful. The question also arises that what can be the use of Testing in DevOps? There are various testing tools (Jenkins a CI tool) and the activities which we need to sink along with the development process in order to help or to speed up the application delivery in a transparent manner. When the developer deploys the build to the QA and the QA has to run the test automatically providing the test results to give an indication where the build can be deployed to the production. As always said finding a bug in an earlier stage is less expensive. Hence, the testing is triggered automatically when the build is available. The diagram below shows how the Agile and DevOps works together hand in hand.

Agile deals with the processes like scrums, sprints etc whereas DevOps deals with the technical practices like CI etc.

How DevOps solves the problems that the Banking Industry is facing????

We all know that the many people are doing the online banking like never before. According to 2016 MX customer survey, clients find it more important to have an easy digital banking experience (67%) rather than a friendly teller or staff (33%) when choosing where to open an account and contact their banks mainly through mobile devices. The 3 main priorities that have been listed by the banking IT executives to enhance the customer service experience and banking software’s: –

  • Redesign or enhance the digital experience
  • Find ways to reduce operating costs
  • Enhance data analytics capabilities to enhance customer needs

In the highly competitive banking industry, we always look to leverage the power of Software. As IT is becoming the heart of the Banks, with DevOps we can have it all (The cost, The Time, The Quality and The Delight). The large automated banking applications and the team have noticed an integration issues with the older codes. The Continuous Integration (Each new application build is automatically deployed and regression tests are triggered against the build) and the automation implementation ideas can bring out the best in the DevOps delivery chain.

Well with all the advancements DevOps is becoming the predominant industry solution. In summary, DevOps is evolving rapidly and each of these pieces provide a slightly different outlook on 2017

Debasis Mohanty

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