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The business landscape has never been more challenging for the banking and financial services industry. With the recovery of the global economy and changing consumer preferences, banks and financial services firms need to reposition themselves for growth opportunities and superior performance.

Banks and financial institutions need to develop innovative products and services to enhance revenues, while providing a seamless cross-channel experience to retain customers. In addition, they must continue on their march towards efficiency by focusing on technologies and processes that enable cost reduction, while at the same time, effectively managing the constantly increasing regulatory and compliance requirements.

Verinite helps banks, financial institutions and third-party payment processors to transform their IT strategies to deliver reliable, predictable and scalable services to their customers. Verinite manages and executes strategic initiatives using innovative delivery models, provide support for mission critical infrastructures and applications, gain insights from historical data, and use digital communications to engage with partners and customers.

The core domain expertise at Verinite is spread across areas like cards, payments, leasing, core-banking and information security.


Application Development & Integration

Application Management

Forward thinking businesses have been making increasing technology investments to improve their organization's competitiveness, foster innovation and boost the bottom line. These investments have meant increasingly complex application solutions - often spanning geographical borders.

Verinite's IT Services offerings combine domain, technical and delivery expertise thus providing the best balance in terms of cost, agility, and quality for building applications that meet business requirements. Services include:


Domain Services

Technical Services

Transformation Services

The demand on Quality Assurance has grown significantly for enterprises of today. In parallel, dynamic market trends and the ever-changing technology landscape with the emergence of disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobility and social media have made profound impact that has necessitated a change in approach, methodology and delivery of testing services. The services include:


The business and technology experts at Verinite provide high value advisory services and help to create and drive strategies for Banking Industry.


The Business & IT consulting services include:

  • IT Cost transformation
  • RFP Creation & Evaluation
  • Cards business and systems review
  • Program / Project Management
  • Business analysis and subject matter expertise
  • User trainings


Mobile Application Development & Management

Mobility Testing Services

Industry Solutions

UI/UX Services

Mobile Devices are becoming all pervasive and both enterprises and consumers are turning to it for their information needs. Enterprises are constantly challenged to keep pace with accelerated proliferation of devices with multiple form factors on different platforms, and evolving enterprise business needs.The proliferation of apps, devices, platforms, and capabilities is causing institutions to define a sustainable mobile strategy in quick time and ahead of competition. Absence of a mobile strategy leads to inefficiencies and investments in mobile solutions resulting in lower ROI.


Security Testing Services

Security Training Services

Security Consulting Services

Information Technology has become all-pervasive today as organizations extensively take to IT Implementations. In view of the risks that characterize information and technology environments, it is critical for organizations to establish assurance that their implementations are functioning at an optimal and secure level. Verinite offers an array of information security service offerings to assist Banking industry.


Product Development

Quality Assurance

Product Support

Today's businesses are highly competitive. A bright idea, strong strategy and in depth marketing knowledge may not bring required results unless organizations pay attention to high development quality and innovative development practices. Outsourcing product development to Verinite helps product start-ups, software product companies and ISVs in freeing their valuable resources from development and concentrating on their core activities. Verinite specializes in mobile, web, and cloud software applications.

Verinite's business analysis teams bring extensive industry-specific expertise in financial services to fully capture both the vision and business requirements for the software product. Team of technical analysts consult with client's teams to propose proven yet innovative approaches for achieving the performance, functionality and interface requirements. And Verinite's UX design teams ensure the UI is intuitive and efficient for achieving business goals.

Verinite works extensively with product start-ups, and promotes usage of lean start-up principles to quickly build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which can be used for quantitative testing of the product and its features by early adopters. Challenges of product start-ups are unique and no one understands them better than Verinite.


Verinite specializes in providing strategic advice to banks and financial institutions on leveraging IT to empower their business. With a core specialization in the financial services industry, our talent pool comes from diverse backgrounds with a unique capability to speak both business and technology which allows us to deliver accurate advice and strategic solutions in the ever changing business environment.


Verinite prides on being a delivery centric organization with a culture of honouring commitments and execution excellence. Clients engage us for a specific experience we've had or implement newest technology or business process but mostly we are engaged because we are experts at Project Delivery; that's what we do best. It's what we call Integrated Project Delivery Faster, Cheaper, Better and more Sustainable.


Verinite has truly disrupted the support space by pioneering 1GOAL engagement model to drive accountability and result-based relationship with clients. Traditional engagement models do not satisfactorily meet the current client needs for vendor control and budget management. The 1GOAL model ties success with clear and measurable outcomes, thus allowing client and Verinite to focus on same goals (one goal) as true partners.


"To achieve our goal of happy customers, people and shareholders in an environment built on integrity,excellence and humility"


Verinite seeks to establish itself as a provider of high quality IT services for the banking sector. Our vision is based on the foundation of a strong value system and thus helps us to work harmoniously with different stakeholders, delivering value at every step of the way. Following is our vision for all stakeholders:

Our People

Become an employer of choice by
building a culture that breeds innovation and encourages self-development.

Our Shareholders

Reciprocate the trust that investors place in us by providing a valuable return on investment through sustained growth.

Our Clients

Build credibility through satisfied client experiences and become a trusted partner who can help clients win in their market place.

Our Society

Acknowledge the factors that have influenced our journey and express our gratitude by making a positive impact on society.

Our value system is a thread that binds entire
organization together. It influences our everyday
behaviour - inside and outside the organization. The
value that drive us underscore our commitment to:


Be open, fair and sincere
in words and action.
Honour internal and
external commitments



Create an environment that
encourages sharing of
knowledge and rewards
self-development and



Constantly strive to
keep improving
ourselves, our
services and values
that we deliver to



Mindful of our personal,
corporate, social and



Build a culture
that focuses on
discipline of
getting things

Our value system can be linked to the different parts of tree
A tree cannot grow in isolation without the support of its surrounding. Verinite reciprocates the factors that contribute
towards its growth and is mindful of its personal, corporate, social and environmental responsibilities.
Evolution can happen only through innovation. Every season, old leaves and ideas give way to new leaves and fresh perspectives.
The ability to grow in a changing environment comes from a continued investment in improving ourselves and our services.
Knowledge can be compared to the branches of a tree. When it spreads out it
creates a better impact on the lives of people who encounter it.
Our people form the bark of the Verinite tree. When bark is healthy and strong, the tree grows taller and is able to spread its branches. That is why we invest in our people and help them work
towards achieving their true potential. When people are satisfied they create a positive atmosphere around themselves that increases overall productivity.
Integrity is the inspiration for our name and is the ground on which Verinite stands. It is at the core of our essence and we ensure it is carried through
in everything we deliver. It helps us create, build and sustain meaningful relationships that become stronger with the passage of time.

Creating an identity for our company was an interesting exercise. We had a clear vision of what Verinite represents and wanted to communicate that effectively through our visual identity.
It was a fortunate coincidence that the alphabets 'i' and 't' are together in the word Verinite. By highlighting the two alphabets in a different colour, we were able to clearly express our line of business.


All the alphabets in the logo are written in lower-case to reflect our humility which is at the core of Verinite. Irrespective of the heights we may achieve, we seek to retain this value and remain rooted to the ground.


We seek to attain perfection in everything that we undertake and so we used a 'perfect square' as the base of our symbol. We created a 'v' and 'n' inside the symbol, because the word 'Verinite' is composed of two parts, 'Veritas' (which means integrity in Latin) and 'Infinite'. They come together within the perfect square to symbolize an entity that strives towards perfection with infinite integrity.

There is a white arrow moving diagonally upwards within the square, this indicates forward movement in a dynamic environment.

The symbol as a whole is meant to be a 'window of opportunity' for any stakeholder who is involved with or interacts with the brand Verinite.


The vibrant blue reflects our positive energy and our modern outlook. It is also the colour of the sky, because Verinite is a place that offers unlimited opportunities. The vibrancy of the blue has been softened by a more solemn grey, which reflects our extensive experience in this industry.


Ashwin co-founded Verinite to build an organization focused on value creation and excellence in delivery, where he could leverage his advisory and consulting expertise. Ashwin has over 20 years of experience in strategy, business, products, information technology and systems in both advisory and consulting roles.

Ashwin has over 20 years of experience in strategy, business, products, information technology and systems in both advisory and consulting roles. Ashwin's proficiency in the card payment and consumer lending industry comes from his engagement with key international players such as GE Consumer Finance, American Express and First Data International.
Ashwin is reckoned as performance oriented and a motivational leader with a focus on quality and excellence in delivery. Earlier in his career, Ashwin has held senior management roles including program manager at GE in the UK, leading teams in Mexico and Europe, Solution Architect at First Data International in the UK, Business Implementation Manager at American Express in the UK, Head of Product Development, Implementation, and Client Relationships at Arab Financial Services, Bahrain, where he championed several complex implementations for 50+ banks.

Born in South Africa, Ashwin has travelled widely in all continents. Ashwin holds an MBA degree from the Open University in UK. He also attended the 'Advanced Information Management Program' at the Jack Welch University and six sigma training at GE.


Ashish co-founded Verinite as an organization
intensely committed to excellence, values and ethics. His innate ability to build strong relationships with customers, nurture robust delivery methods, and develop teams & leaders are the driving force for building a domain focused technology services company.

Ashish's experience in delivery, program and project management spans the course of 12 years with clients such as Citibank, First Data, Arab Financial Services, Network International and HDFC Bank.

Prior to co-founding Verinite, Ashish was the Head of Global Presales & ISEU Business Unit at Attra where he spearheaded the company's growth and global expansion. His dual role meant responsibilities that spanned across new customer acquisition, contract negotiations, managing delivery, account mining and strengthening customer relationships. He was instrumental in generating a revenue of $5 Million USD from customers spread across India, Middle East, Singapore & UK.

Earlier in his career, Ashish worked with Capgemini (erstwhile Kanbay) for over 8 years where he grew rapidly to become one of the youngest managers charged with the responsibility to lead a $4 Million USD portfolio of customer accounts spread across India & the Middle East.

Ashish has an engineering degree in Computer Science from VIT, University of Pune.

Verinite is committed to providing best technology solutions to its customers. We seek to create partnerships that will enable us in fulfilling that commitment. We are particularly looking to broaden our geographic reach, leverage complementary skill and harness the growing potential of the banking and financial services market.
This relationships will help us to leverage proven technology and industry solutions to deliver complete system integration and delivery capabilities based on specific customer needs.
We are exploring the following categories of partnerships:

We are currently in process of forming partnerships to improve our capabilities to service our customer better. These will be reflected in this section shortly.
Incase you are looking to partner with us, click here and we shall get back to you.
WE 45

Banks and financial institutions are constantly facing challenges in implementing and maintaining a strong information security practice especially with the advent of new channels and recent technology advancements.

Verinite has forged a strategic partnership with We45 (spelt "we-fortify") to deliver comprehensive Information Security related services to clients. This partnership aims to help clients protect their single most critical asset - "Data".

Since last decade or so, testing is being looked upon as one of the key components of software development life cycle and clients have realized the significant role that various testing tools (e.g. test management, defect management, automation, project management) play in ensuring reliability and reusability.

Verinite has partnered with US based Inflectra Corporation as a certified solution provider to deliver a combination of best-in-class testing products and niche, business driven, innovation led testing services.




A supportive atmosphere
Opportunities for learning
and development
Verinite offers a competitive environment to anyone who aspires to grow; this applies to individuals, teams & the organization as a whole.
Verinite recognizes its people as independent individuals, with different skills, abilities and aspirations. We seek to create challenging opportunities where our people are able to grow through continuous learning. We understand the importance of maintaining a harmonious atmosphere that can make all this possible. We believe that the growth of Verinite is directly proportional to the growth of our people. This ethos runs through every vein of the company and is manifested in our mission-statement, value system and policies.

Where needs and aspirations are recognized so that we are able to identify ways to fulfil them.

So that the skills of our people are honed through effective training, people interaction, project experience, sufficient international exposure and mentoring.
Suitable rewards &
appropriate recognition

We believe that exposing our people to multiple disciplines is necessary for sustained and meaningful professional growth.

Verinite believes that recognizing the contri-
bution of its people and adequately rewarding
the same is imperative to maintain their moti-
vation and encourage them to do better.
VisionPlus Senior Developer
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Business Analyst-Cards
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There are currently no openings
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VisionPlus Test Analyst
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Verinite is a place where people can unleash their true potential. Life at Verinite is a journey where you are encouraged to explore, even to the extent of taking risks. Appreciation is based on the efforts that you invested and the energies you contributed in trying building something positive and not on the success or failure of the outcome. Our value system acts as a guiding light allowing people to follow the right road that Verinite wants to take to reach its desired destination.


To keep their communication open
and transparent


This is the a core of our existence
and a non-negotiable trait that
everyone at Verinite is expected


A true hero is one who understand his
weaknesses and works on overcoming them by
seeking help in time of uncertainty and difficulty.


Helping others achieve their
goal and facilitating their
growth is imperative


Personal Details

Professional Details


Verinite's Global Locations & Addresses

United Kingdom

Verinite Limited,
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Haywards Heath,
West Sussex,
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Verinite Technologies Pvt Ltd,
Office No.501, Icon Tower,
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Main Baner Road, Baner,
Pune 411045


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for by filling the form and we will get in touch with you
at the earliest.

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IT Services

VisionPLUS Senior Developer
(Name of the role)
VisionPLUS Senior Developer
Job code VNIT0001
Education B.E, B. Tech, M.C.A
Location Pune
Minimum Experience 2 years
Maximum Experience 4 years
Job details
  • Working knowledge of Credit Card and Prepaid Card products, functionalities, and life cycle
  • Expertise in Mainframe Technologies
    • Expeditor, Changeman, Ezytrieve
  • Expertise in VisionPLUS online and batch architecture
  • Good understanding of VisionPLUS product with proven skills in
    • Mandatory: CMS
    • Additional: FAS / TRAMS
    • Nice to have: CTA
  • Proven ability to organize and prioritize own workload and drive results
  • Candidates who can join within 30 days will be preferred
Role details
  • Responsible for end-to-end development ensuring quality, clarity, depth and attention to overall scope of project
  • Study business requirement & functional solution to
      o Prepare / review technical solution
      o Code development / changes
      o Prepare Unit test cases and capture results
      o Execute system integration testing
      o Support user acceptance testing
      o Resolve and fix defects within acceptable time limits
  • Hands-on experience on various project categories:
      o New product launch
      o Product upgrades or functionality releases
      o BAU Support
      o Enhancement to the existing application
  • Project management support:
      o Prepare / review project highlight reports.
Soft skills
  • Expert at engaging all levels of cross-functional project staff
  • Proactive and self-starting individual with high levels of ownership
  • Flexibility and ability to learn quickly and contribute to overall growth of company
Business Consulting Services

Business Analyst - Cards
(Name of the role)
Business Analyst - Cards
Job code VNBA0001
Education B.E, B. Tech, M.B.A
Location Pune
Minimum Experience 5 years
Maximum Experience 8 years
Job details
  • Working knowledge of Credit Card and Prepaid Card products, functionalities, and life cycle
  • Hands-on experience on Card Management Systems such as VisionPLUS, Prime, TSYS etc with understanding of transaction switching and routing
  • Proven ability to drive Customization Projects OR (Data) Conversion OR System Integration projects involving card management system, IVR, middleware, core banking systems, internet banking and mobile banking etc in banks and / or third party payment processors
  • Excellent analytical, quantitative and qualitative skills to understand complex workflows and to identify and resolve critical issues
  • Proven ability to organize and prioritize own workload and drive results
  • Exhibits confidence and an extensive knowledge of emerging industry practices when solving business problems at the same time pushes creative thinking beyond the boundaries of existing industry practices and client mindsets
  • Prior experience of working with Bank or third party payment processor
Role details
  • Ability to apply formal methods such as Rational Unified Process over full System or Software Development Lifecycle
  • Work with Compliance, Technology, Operations, and Business units of client banks / third party payment processors.
  • Ensure that all project participants have shared understanding of requirements and how they will be implemented
  • Conduct business requirement and functional solution walkthrough with all project participants
  • Responsible for all aspects of business analyst documentation ensuring clarity, depth and attention to details
  • Project management support: Define and / or review: comprehensive project documentations including milestone plan, project plan, business requirements, process flow diagrams, management status reports, and project highlight reports.
  • Produce test scripts and co-ordinate / participate in testing activities with Operations and Technology units of client.
  • Ensure deliverables are in accordance with project scope.
  • Manages resources in accordance with project schedule
Soft skills
  • Expert at managing and engaging all levels of cross-functional project staff into a consensus building, results oriented team based on PMI standards
  • Ability to translate financial information in succinct business cases, communications, presentations
  • Proactive and self-starting individual with high levels of ownership and ability to influence others and enable decisions or support decision making process
  • Flexibility and ability to learn quickly
  • Be flexible and focused to contribute to overall growth of company
Testing Services

VisionPLUS Test AnalystVisionPLUS Test Analyst
(Name of the role)
VisionPLUS Test Analyst
Job code VNTS0001
Education B.E, B. Tech, M.C.A, M. Sc (computer science).
Location Pune
Minimum Experience 3 years
Maximum Experience 5 years
Job details
  • Working knowledge of Credit Card and Prepaid Card products, functionalities, and life cycle
  • Good understanding of VisionPLUS product with skills around
    • CMS
    • MBS
    • FAS
    • TRAMS
  • Exposure to both manual and automated testing
  • Very good understanding of QA / QC process and defect management lifecycle (recording, classification, tracking, closure) in particular
  • Ability to build strategy, plans, scripts and execute medium or large scale testing projects
  • Proven ability to organize and prioritize own workload and drive results
Role details
  • Responsible for end-to-end SIT / UAT ensuring quality, clarity, depth and attention to details
  • Study business requirement and functional solution document to
      o Prepare test scenarios, test scripts, test cases, test beds
      o Capture test results
      o Administer defects till satisfactory closure
      o Present/Submit exit reports
  • Advanced knowledge of
      o System Integration Testing
      o User Acceptance Testing
  • Hands-on experience on various project categories:
      o New product launch
      o Product upgrades or functionality releases
      o Payment scheme compliances & Certification
      o New interfaces for the core application
      o Enhancement to the existing application
  • Test management and coordination:
      o Coordinate with Compliance, Technology, Operations, and Business units of client banks / third party payment processors to ensure predictable quality
      o Prepare / review project highlight reports.
      o Coordination with clients & internal team members
Soft skills
  • Expert at engaging all levels of cross-functional project staff
  • Proactive and self-starting individual with high levels of ownership
  • Flexibility and ability to learn quickly and contribute to overall growth of company